Chapter 105: A Store where only Inhuman People Come


I was worrying over the price when another customer arrived.

This time it was a well dressed elderly gentlemen.

「Good day. I’m here to do some shopping.」
「Good day………wait…you’re Genryuu.」
「Oh, you remembered me? I’m honored Your Majesty.」

The next to arrive was Genryuu.
He was originally the second strongest dragon compared to Hesty, he had a gentle temperament.
For a moment I almost mistook him for a simple old man.

「Well, I’m not especially good at human form. Unless I project this kind of aura I won’t fool anyone.」
「To use your aura to fool people is already amazing enough.」

Actually, I haven’t had any customers aside from nonhumans…that’s weird. Does this town have a lot of them?

Whatever, customers are customers.

「This store only sells apple juice, is that still alright?」
「Yes, I don’t care. But the order is quite large, is that alright with you?」

So he’s got a big order?
Well, you’d probably need about ten cups to give a dragon a proper drink.

「I don’t mind. I already received a large order before. As long as you can wait then it should be fine.」
「Oh, thank goodness. Then—can I have 150 cups please?」

Did I mishear?
I think it might be bad if I made a mistake so please say it once more.

「Ok. 150 please.」
「…..that many?」
「They are for the members of our household who have reached adulthood. Hesty-sama said that it was very delicious so they’ve been noisily clamoring to try some.」

Another shopping trip for their group huh?
Well it’s good to be selling.

「But will 150 even be enough for a dragon’s body? Or is one or two enough for each?」
「Yes, these are for those who can turn into human form. It’s a reward for those who have successfully done so.」

Oh, I see. If it’s for them then 150 should be enough.
From what I’ve seen there shouldn’t be much more than 100 dragons in the valley.

「But, is it really alright to only give them apple juice as a reward?」
「It’s juice that recovers magic and it is from the man who controls that overflowing magic power and strength. It can only be considered a reward.」
「Is that so?」

From my standpoint, I’m just glad that I’m selling. However, it is going to take a while so he’ll need to wait.

「Alright, it’s no problem. If it is His Majesty’s order then I will wait no matter how long it takes……but since spirits are coming around here I don’t want to stay very long.」
「Spirits are coming?」
「Yes, with this many people and this much magic, various spirits will be drawn here. Of course, evil ones will be drawn in as well, when you see them you should subjugate them. However, dragons’ bodies are one of the best shelters for spirits.」

I had heard that the Four Elemental Spirits had come, but I didn’t know that more of them were coming as well.

Oh right, I had heard that this festival has to do with inviting spirits and celebrating them.

「Must be difficult being a dragon.」
「Well, our living conditions are much different from humans. It can’t be helped. Dragon Kings are able to blend in more seamlessly, and their bodies are fundamentally different from ours so they might not mind.」

So dragons have different physiques and races as well huh…
They’re much stronger than humans so I thought they didn’t have much to worry about, but they’re weak to spirits huh…

「Well as long as the dragon isn’t unconscious when the spirit invades, we are able to resist them.」
「Fumu fumu, I see……..oh it’s finished.」

The small golems had worked together to squeeze the juice into a large bowl.
Then they added water and placed it into a large wooden tank.
Obviously if we put them into cups it’d be too hard to take.

「Here, 150 cups worth.」

I gave the huge tank to Genryuu.
I thought it was a bit heavy, but he lifted it with one hand and took out a bag full of gold.

「How much is it?」
「Umm, one cup is 1,000 gold」
「Fumu fumu, it’s cheap. It may be rude to say, but can Your Highness make a proper living like this?」
「Well…..yeah I can.」

In fact I’m troubled about where to store all this money.
The materials I’m using are mostly free of charge.

「Fumu fumu, Your Highness is truly big-hearted. Keeping the price cheap to keep from taking the commoners’ money. 150 cups…here is a bag with 150,000 gold.」
「Th-thanks, Thank you for you patronage.」
「Then, until we meet again. Thank you for today.」

Then Genryuu took the huge tank on his shoulder and ran like the wind. I placed the sack of money behind the counter.

……Up till now it seems that my store has specialized in selling juice to nonhuman species.

And since opening I’ve only gotten large orders.
I was wondering if this way of business was really alright but,

「Well whatever, they’re happy.」

I’m also happy that I get to use up the apples that have been saved up.
Well, instead of apples, money is piling up, but I can think of ways to use it.
And so I continued to act as a shopkeep.



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