Chapter 106: Extending, Reconstructing, and Remodeling


A short time after the store opened my inventory of juice had been almost emptied.

……I’d received large orders one after another after all.

I never thought that my inventory would be practically exhausted after only being open for 30 minutes.

So I decided to close the store temporarily to allow the golems time to squeeze more juice. Though I have enough golems and they have enough power, it would still take time to squeeze them by hand.

I returned to the living space till they finished to complete my task.

「Alright, let’s do some construction.」
「Ok, I’ll help you Master.」

Sakura and I observed the living space.

After the first day of staying here we’d realized it was too small.
In order to make living and working here easier I thought to expand it.

「For now let’s add a second and third floor to make sure we have enough space.」

I’d been given land so the width of the store couldn’t be changed much, but there wasn’t any restriction vertically.
So I thought I’d use some of the unused apples to create trees and add some floors.

Since it was different to how my home expanded, I thought it’d be pretty difficult but,

「Hmm, with Sakura’s auto correction it’s pretty easy.」
「No no, it’s because of Master’s magic power that we’re able to use the trees so easily.」

It only took a minute or two to finish the expansion.

It had been a one story bungalow up till now, but now it was a three story building.
I had thought that it would take at least an hour to finish this, but it happened almost instantly.

….well, it was good that we saved time.

There were things I could do with the remaining time.

「Ok then. Let’s move a project up. Let’s make those magic stone arms.」
「The ones you talked about for excavation?」
「Yeah, they are for that, but I think that having more powerful arms would also increase the speed of squeezing the apple juice.」

Since we’re expanding the store, there should be some rooms that we can afford to dirty. Using some for work will make things easier.

I thought and took the boxes filled with magic stones up to the second floor to begin my manufacturing.

「Umm, all of these in the box are supposed to be used for synthesis….」

The magic stones that Hesty had separated were all firm and tough.

But if you took the time and synthesized them you’d be able to use them well.
And so one of the big boxes of magic stones had turned into a cylindrical arm but…

「Hmm, this is less like an arm and more like a pestle…」

I wasn’t able to make the fingers fine enough, it became quite thick.

「No no, to be able to mold such hard magic stones is already amazing Master.」
「Well, this might be the best I can do at this point. I’m still lacking practice.」

I wanted to be able to make it into a more detailed and fine product.

「But, with it being so hard and heavy you could grind grain, nuts, and berries with it right?」
「Well…….I suppose so.」

With these you could also mash and squeeze the apples too.

「As long as these can accomplish what I need then that should be fine.」

It’d been a while since I crafted a new tool. I’m glad I could spend my free time making something useful.



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