Chapter 109: Buying A Lot


As I was about to set up a golem to man the counter, customers arrived.

「Daichi-sama Hello~」
「It’s been a little while Daichi-san~」

It was Anne and Ramiyuros.
The morning had continued without very many people coming by.
It’s good that more have arrived.

「Welcome. Please wait a bit, I’m setting up a golem right now.」
「I understand. Huh, this is Daichi-san’s merchant home huh~. It’s the first time I’ve been here~」
「Well…you actually have been here. Remember, it was when you fell…」

The fact that she’d fallen onto the tree that was around my store should be fresh within her mind.

「Ahaha….that was from the sky. I apologize for the trouble I caused….by the way, this is a juice store right?」
「Yep, it is.」
「Then, could I have 50 cups?」

Ramiyuros was going to buy that much?
Well, I don’t mind as long as it ends up selling.

「But what are you going to do with that much? Are there people you want to give it to?」
「Eh? I’m going to drink it you know?」
「Drink 50….by yourself?」
「Un, by myself.」

That reminds me…Ramiyuros is the largest Dragon King.
Maybe that’s why she gives off the feeling of a glutton.
Well, the apple juice is quite watered down and she’s a Dragon King so she should be alright even if she drinks 50 right?

「Ok then. Here you go 50 cups worth.」

I gave her the tank of juice and she started gulping it down right then and there.
This…was a pretty incredible sight.

「U-Um Daichi-san…I’ll pay for her….umm one cup…1,000 gold!?」

While there weren’t any customers I’d made a sign board with the price. Anne looked at that in surprise.

「I-is it really alright for it to be so cheap!?」
「I’m not sure of the market price so this should be alright.」

Fifty cups translated into quite the pretty penny.

「Uu…that’s right. 50,000…that’s quite the severe expense. My earnings for the day went right out the window…..」
「Earnings? What were you two doing?」
「Umm, we were walking around a bit, selling medicine and magic items.」

Anne showed me the medicine bag around her waist as she handed me the money.

「Ramiyuros-sama was helping me carry the luggage. The proceeds were also carried by her since they ended up being quite a burden.」

I looked at Ramiyuros who was chugging the juice and saw a rucksack on her back. It seemed quite full with the proceeds from their business.

「Looks like things are going well.」
「Yes! Today is the day of water so there are a lot of people drinking today. It’s a good opportunity to sell sobering and recovery potions.」

Day of Fire was bonfires and Day of Water was for drinking?
Certainly there has been quite a lot of merrymaking that had gone on relatively close to here.

Even a general store a distance from my place was engaged in selling alcohol

「Is that alright?」
「Yes, it’s regular behavior for the festival.」

I see. So the town changes each day accordingly.
That’s pretty fun.

「That’s why people who get tired and drink too much appear often. Items and medicine sell really well.」
「You’ve got a head for business don’t you…」
「Ahaha, I’m not worthy of that much praise….」

Anne smiled wryly while scratching her cheek.
Was there a problem?

「Well, when I took some of the high level scrolls and potions out with me, I thought that people would buy them in the heat of the moment while they were drunk…but once they heard the price they sobered up.」

Oioi, you’ve certainly got an interesting method of conducting business don’t you?

「Once they heard the prices between 20,000 and 100,000 gold they all jumped up with their eyes wide open~」

Ramiyuros said as she continued drinking. She sounded like she was having fun.

「That’s right. Even if they’re dead drunk they’ve got a tight hold on their purse strings. I obtained my primary objective which was to sell elementary potions to the drunk people but…」
「Anee’s goods are all good quality after all.」
「I thought that even if top quality was impossible, I could sell advanced or high quality potions…but it seems a bit harder than I thought.」

Anne dropped her shoulders a bit.
It seems there was quite a bit to being a successful merchant.

But this was a good opportunity.

「Anne, how many unsold things do you have?」
「Preferably I’d like them to be small but expensive. Like top class potions or the like?」

I asked and Anne started checking her bag.

「Umm, I have 4 top class potions that can heal by sprinkling on injuries, and a 「Purification」 scroll that can drive out all manner of bad things. The potions are 20,000 and the scroll is 100,000. This and this.」

She said and took out a bottle and scroll and I nodded.

「Ok then. Gimme all of it.」
「Umm……all…of it?」
「Yep. All of it.」

I said and Anne’s mouth flapped open and closed before she let loose a torrent of words.

「Th-that’s quite a huge cost….it-it’ll be around 180,000 gold….」
「No that’s fine. Take all of this.」

I pulled out one bag after another of gold from behind the counter.

「Hyaa, Wh-where did you get all this?」
「Umm, here and there…..」

It was just the right amount. I’d earned it from the sales today.

「Each bag should have 30,000 in it so this should be 180,000 exactly. This is fine right?」
「Uh-ummm….I-I have certainly received the right amount. Umm, thank you for your continued patronage! Daichi-sama has truly aided me!」

She said bewildered as she bowed…I patted my hand on her shoulder.

「Don’t mind it. In fact I’m the grateful one.」

And so I exchanged my earnings for goods.
Potions and scrolls are certainly easier to manage than large heavy bags.
I’m quite happy with this.



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