Chapter 110: Lively Participant


It was close to nighttime and was about time for me to close up shop.

The wolf people and dragons had come again to purchase more and the Knight Captain brought a young person to order some so I had sold quite a bit.

….actually I might’ve sold too much. Weren’t they all just overbuying….?

The large amount of juice I’d prepared had all disappeared.
Truthfully I was grateful for the business and was quite pleased but…

「What am I supposed to do with all these coins?」

I turned around and looked at the small room filled with bags of coins.
This is quite troubling. (The problem is less that he has money and more that it is all in coins I think…)

「For it to fill an entire one of these small rooms I made…..」

In a certain sense it was fortunate that I’d chosen to expand the store.
Now I just needed something to spend this money on.

……what should I use it on?

Should I buy some nice things from Anne once again?
As I thought that I started closing up shop when,

「Oi, Boss~. We’re done with work so we brought some booze~」

The Shining Head guys had arrived carrying alcohol.
Another big group…

「If you’ve got time, come drink with us. We said we’d treat you but we haven’t gotten the chance to yet!」
「I see. Then this is a good opportunity.」

I’m not much into these kind of lively scenes…but it’s a festival.

……you’ve got to live a little.

But still, with this amount of people we couldn’t go inside so we set down a sheet in front of the counter and began our little party.

I had looked around and seen other stores doing similar things so it should be fine.
And just like that the food and alcohol that they’d brought were all lined up.

And just as we were about to begin the party…

「Oh Benefactor~ it’s been a while~!」

More people arrived.
It was the combat rabbits from the shop.
Though it may be a festival…they were wearing some pretty ‘dangerous’ clothing.

「We heard that you’d set up a shop around here from the wolf people.」
「Yeah, but the shop is closed for today and we were about to start drinking.」

I said and their eyes began sparkling.

「Is that so? …then do you have any servers? That is our field of experience. Our Benefactor hasn’t received any benefits so we’d be honored to serve in this capacity.」

The combat rabbits appealed with their bodies and risky clothing.
Well, since they’re professionals in the service industry I can leave it to them.

The shining head guys were ogling them, but I don’t think there would be a problem.

「Then I’ll leave it to you. But keep it within the bounds of public morals alright?」
「I understand. Everyone raise your glasses to our Benefactor.」

So the combat rabbits sat down on the sheet and offered me and the adventurers drinks.
The men seemed to be happy…for various reasons and the women seemed to enjoy the talk as well.

It was the right decision to ask them to do this, I thought and…


The lewd look on Ash’s face was mixed with surprise as he looked at me.
That’s a very skillful use of your facial muscles but what is it?

「U-Umm, Boss Daichi…are you the manager of that store!?」
「Hmm…rather than manager…I’d say a concerned party.」
「Seriously!? B-boss is really incredible. I really glad that I took you as Boss!」

I don’t need this kind of strange respect…what do you think I’m doing with them?

Well anyways…the second day of the festival ended like that.
The start of my real involvement in the festivities.



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