Chapter 111: Rabbit Liquor


The Combat Rabbit Leader sat down in front of me with a bottle of sake.

「Here you are Benefactor-sama. This is high-quality that we at the store are proud of.」
「Oh thanks…….it’s pretty strong huh…」

I tasted the drink she’d handed me and it gave a burning and tingling sensation but…

「It’s good.」

I said and the rabbit leader seemed surprised.

「Benefactor…you’re not drunk?」
「I just took a drink though?」

There’s no way you’d get drunk off of a single drink.

「Well…even so this 「Rabbit Sake」 has quite a lot of magic in it, a single moutful may induce magic intoxication…despite that Benefactor isn’t even tipsy…you may have magic power on a completely different level than us…but it’s still amazing…..」

She looks at me in wonder…but honestly I’ve barely had any yet.
I’ve also eaten quite a bit.

「But wait, you’re plying us with strong alcohol?」

The drunk people will increase with this.
I looked and saw a portion of the shining head group out cold.

「What are you intending to do…drinking people under the table like this?」
「Well…it’s to see what we can make them do while drun—….please don’t look at me like that! It was a joke! A joke!」

I definitely don’t want something like that happening in front of my store. It’d cause all sorts of problems.

「I-I’m sorry. It’s just that this 「Rabbit Sake」 is precious to us so we wanted you to have a taste. Usually we’d water it down, however the taste is much better if we don’t do that….」

The combat rabbit giggled and stuck out her tongue.

Well it does make me happy that they brought out such a precious thing for me to drink.

「Hmmm…….I’ve got it. We just need something to water it down right?」

With how it tastes, juice would be the perfect thing to cut it with.
Let’s give it a try.

「Golem, go get some apple juice.」

I ordered and it handed me some juice from across the counter. Then I grabbed my cup of liquor and mixed it…

「Mmm, it’s really delicious.」
「Benefactor….? What is that drink? I can sense incredible magic power overflowing from it…」

So combat rabbits are the type that can see magic too huh? Then this makes explaining easier.

「It’s juice made from the apples grown on my property. Apparently they have quite a bit of magic and I thought it’d be good for mixing with this sake.」
「Ah…well…ummm quite a bit you say…I think it’s way too much for that descriptor….?」

That so? I thought we’d modified it so normal people could drink…I thought it was alright but there seems to be more than I thought. Well, even so, it’s much better than it had been undiluted…

「U-Ummm, Benefactor…could we partake of this as well?」

The combat rabbit said looking at me with sparkling eyes.

「Hm? Oh, sure.」
「Thank you very much! …..Fuwaa! This has an amazing taste and magical density…..」

After a single drink her eyes seemed to melt. Her rabbit ears also seemed to lose their strength. Combining the two together seems to have made her get drunk faster.

I was interested to see where this would go when the shining head guys came over as well.

「Boss, can…can I have some too ssu?」
「Yeah have some~」
「Thanks!….This is amazing! What is it!?」

I mixed juice with my liquor and these shining head guys are looking at it in amazement.

「I’ve drank a lot of high quality sake! But this taste…it’s the first time I’ve felt that it transcends liquor on its own!」
「Well…I’m glad.」

Ash and the rest were drinking it like water.
It seems that they really like it.

I still have quite a bit of apple juice left over so I think it’ll last for this party tonight.
As I thought that I gazed at the people around me.

—then an hour later,

「Yup…that’s what I thought would happen……」

Everyone except me was blackout drunk…they were unconscious.



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