Chapter 112.5: —Side Prussia— Confusion and the Future


On the evening of the second day, Dianeia received a report from Hesty that Daichi had captured the water spirit.

When she heard that, she was quite surprised, but she still reported it to Athena and Karen.

「Isn’t this a little too fast!?」

She leapt out of her seat showing more surprise than anyone.

「W-wow, to surprise Karen this much…Daichi-oniisan is amazing.」

Athena was dumbfounded, catching the spirits at this kind of speed was inhuman.
It was too far out of their expectations that you couldn’t be anything except astonished Dianeia thought.

「Yeah, it’s no wonder you lose your head like this. He surpasses your imagination by that much after all.」
「….even so, you’re quite calm Dianeia…」
「Eh? Well, even so I am surprised too you know?」

But after knowing how amazing he is…she had gotten a little used to it and the emotion ran more towards admiration now.

「Yep, as expected of Daichi-dono. He got them under control right quick.」
「Su~ha Su~ha…….that’s right. I never expected to catch a spirit every day. This is going well beyond expectations.」

Karen calmed herself with a few deep breathes and slowly nodded.

「Truly…I thought it’d take a month for one or two of them…but for it to only take two days to catch two of them…」
「Yes indeed. This situation is absolutely unexpected.」

Dianeia felt a little nostalgic looking at them…she felt as if she was looking at herself from a few months ago.

「Anyways, we need to visit the shop once again tomorrow.」
「You seem happy Onee-sama.」

Hearing her little sister say that, Dianeia realized that her face had loosened up.
No good no good…this is an official visit for official business, she thought and fixed her expression.

「Tomorrow is the last day of the festival, but how are you going to move?」
「Ummm…after going to Daichi-oniisan’s place, we’ll look for the wind and earth spirits on the edge of town.」
「The edge of town?」
「Un, it has a large plain. It’s a good place for both spirits. We went around today with that purpose in mind.」

Oh, so that was why they had gone around the town so early in the morning.

「We also looked down from the tallest tower and found some points that the spirits are likely to gather at so we will be going there tomorrow. Dianeia, what are your plans?」
「After guiding guests I will be making arrangements for the fireworks.」

At the end of the festival, fireworks would be fired off from the tallest tower of the castle.
This was a yearly tradition and would take some time to set up but…

「Anyways, even so I should have some time in the evening, is there anything I can do to help?」

She asked and Athena thought for a bit.


「No, it’s alright. We have our plans set.」
「Is that so? Then good, I’ll be standing by here in the castle so just tell me if anything comes up.」
「Un, Ok Onee-sama.」

Athena nodded slightly.
Their eyes were filled with determination.

「….we have Daichi’s help so we’re collecting them with unbelievable speed…I’d like to collect another by tomorrow. Any further and the collected power might be too much…」

Karen said while looking at the pendant between her breasts.
The coloration was even deeper black than before.

「This is…certainly a bad situation…」
「Yes, maybe it’s because of the people gathered or the magical concentration being thick…the spirits are growing more powerful faster than we’d anticipated. At this rate it will be difficult to make them submit.」
「I see.」

Since the Dragon King Karen had said so…they must be getting very strong.

「Both of you be careful. Don’t get into any accidents or become injured. I’ll do all I can to help as well.」
「Un, thank you for worrying Onee-sama. Karen and I will work hard!」
「Yes we will Princess Athena.」

And so the second night continued.



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