Chapter 112: Spirit


A short while after everyone except for me had passed out, the store’s door opened and Sakura walked out.

「Ara~, I was just coming out to bring some water to help them sober up…but it seems I was too late. Everyone except for Master is out cold.」
「That’s how it seems…」

I took a cup of water from Sakura and took a drink while looking around.
They all seemed to be sleeping quite pleasantly.

After drinking such strong liquor it was obvious that this would be the outcome.

「What should we do with all of them?」
「Well…it’s pretty warm tonight so I think we can probably leave them.」

They seem durable enough not to catch a cold.
However, they’d be blocking the road so I should move them to the side.
I started pulling on the sheet that we’d all been sitting on when…

「N…Hm? ….who’s this light blue little girl?」

I hadn’t noticed but the semi-transparent light blue creature had mixed with our group.
It was small with a human shape and it was hiding behind one of the big adventurers.

「Su~pi, su~pi」

Then it began to sleep comfortably just like the surrounding people.

…..Umm…this is…….

I saw a bottle of apple juice alcohol next to it…maybe it had been drinking with us.
I looked more closely and it had a strange blush to its complexion. I think it might’ve gotten itself dead drunk.
But…this appearance….this size…the transparency…

「This is a spirit?」
「Most likely.」
「…it got drunk…is it alright?」
「I think it’s fine. It’s a festival after all.」

Well…spirits are living things as well so it should be able to drink and get drunk I suppose.
And so now it is sleeping peacefully in the middle of town with a snot bubble coming from its nose.

「……For now it’s sleeping peacefully…but I think we should gently capture it so it doesn’t cause trouble later.」

I wrapped it up in wooden restraints.
There weren’t any gaps, but the restraints were quite loose so it shouldn’t disturb its rest.
As we wrapped the sleeping spirit up…

「n? Another, spirit came?」

Hesty, who’d been resting, came outside.

「Oh Hesty, did you have a good rest?」
「I rested, enough. Thanks to that, I felt water type, magic from, inside.」

She said as she looked at the light blue spirit that we were still wrapping up.

「Water type magic you mean….」
「n, that’s right…..this is the, water spirit. One of the, Four Spirits.」



This drunk sleeping spirit that I was wrapping up was one of the spirits meant to protect this nation?

「I didn’t think that this drunk was such an amazing spirit.」
「No, it’s drunk because of your, magic power. The water spirit, may love sake, but normal sake, won’t get it drunk… seems very drunk on magic power, so it looks like it, drank quite a lot.」
「Is that so?」

I didn’t know much about this kind of stuff. I hadn’t noticed when it started drinking.

「n? It was drinking with you?」
「Well…probably. I think it was hiding among them.」

I can understand it since everyone was pretty drunk.

「If that’s the case then…’re better at drinking than, a spirit. The water spirit, likes to have, drinking competitions, so I think that, it tried to keep up with you.」
「Wait, I didn’t even realize it was trying to keep up with me. I just kept drinking at my own pace.」

I was going at my own pace so I wasn’t really that inebriated even now.

「n, but, you’re magic power probably overpowered the spirit. You probably, established a half, master-servant contract you know?」
「I had no idea.」

But if it considered the drinking competition as a legitimate match then I could see it.

「Well anyways, I’ll wake myself up a bit, by running over to tell, Dianeia.」
「O-ok. Then I’ll leave it to you Hesty.」

We had been having a party but ended up catching the water spirit.



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