Chapter 114: Grown Up Spirit’s Power


The earth spirit stood up from my floor as if surfacing from water.


It hugged my leg tightly.
As Athena watched this spectacle, she looked stunned.

「U-ummm, Daichi-oniisan? How did you get the spirit to obey you like this?」
「How? …..I don’t remember doing anything specific…It attacked me near my home so I suppressed it.」

From there it followed me on its own.

「I-is that so? B-but I clearly feel it has magic power on another level than the other four spirits………」
「K-Karen you feel it too? Th-this earth spirit grew up way too much.」

Athena and Karen said after observing the earth spirit.
Even if you say it’s grown, I wouldn’t know since I hadn’t seen it before it’d grown….

「Well…are you going to take this guy?」
「Ah, yes. We’ll store it inside the pendant once more……」

Karen said and approached with the pendant, but the moment the spirit saw that…


The earth spirit’s attitude changed. It seemed wary as it slapped Karen’s hand away and escaped.

「Muu, it grew so much that it’s temperament turned wild again. It seems it doesn’t want anyone except Daichi who it acknowledges.」
「So that can happen too…」

As Karen said the earth spirit became snappy and it’s form became dangerous.

「However, we can’t back down either. Sorry earth spirit, but we’ll have to do this with power…..」

Athena slowly approached. As she got closer and closer it became even snappier.
Furthermore, the spirit was fused with my floor. As it got more agitated, the floor began to splinter and warp…this is way overboard.

「Oi. I’m just gonna tell you, you’d better not pick a fight in my store and break things!?」

I strongly cautioned them just in case. At that moment,

「Shi, Sha~!?」
「Hi, Hiyai!」

The spirit suddenly released it’s spiky form and Athena fell to her knees.
The strange battlefield atmosphere dispelled but…

「Um, Athena? What’s wrong?」

I didn’t think she’d fall to the floor from me calling out…

「U,un, somehow it seems that I was just crushed to the floor by Daichi-oniisan’s magic waves. I-I just let my guard down, I’m fine…I-isn’t that right Karen?」
「I…….I’m fine.」

Now that I looked, Karen looked cautious…as she clung onto the wall.

It’s been a while…but now that I think about it, when I yell my magic sort of bursts out…
It’s been some time since I’ve had to shout…

「Well, it’s alright. The spirit has been calmed so Karen hurry and capture it.」

Karen took out the pendant and once again approached the spirit.
This time the earth spirit didn’t act hostile, it just split its body and waited.

Then it was sucked into the pendant……but…

「……somehow…it seems like the fire and water splits were a lot less than the earth’s……」

The clone that the earth spirit made was larger than half of its body.
In fact it made me wonder if it wasn’t leaving behind its true body here.

「Is this…alright?」
「Ummm…it should be. Actually the Earth Spirit’s power is too much and it can’t enter the pendant. So it should be separating a large part of its power to leave here.」

So it was possible for it to be too strong to enter.
I looked at the earth spirit and it seemed to nod in agreement to what she said.

「That pendant has a maximum capacity for earth?」
「Yes, in fact it should be quite a lot. It’s just because this earth spirit grew way too much. I think it took in a lot of magic power from some location…..」

It’s probably the influence of our basement.
It may have matured excessively down there.

「So there’s no issue with the pendant’s performance right?」
「There is no problem. Thanks to the spirit obeying you, we could get this done without disaster. It suppressed its powers.」

The earth spirit nodded its head and waved its hand when it heard what Karen said.
It seems like it can unexpectedly understand language well.

「That aside, we are very thankful once again. Thanks to you, we have been able to gather the spirits at breakneck speed.」
「Well, it was mostly coincidence.」
「Hmmm, even so, thanks to Daichi-oniisan’s good fortune…words of thanks aren’t enough…..later I’ll do my best to find a way to thank you, just wait for it.」

She said and they both left the shop.
They’re quite busy early in the morning huh? Well it was a good wake up call.

「Alright, let’s start the preparations for the last day.」

It’s already the third day so we might as well enjoy it.



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