Chapter 115.5: —Side Dianeia— Progress Report


3 P.M. 3rd day of the festival.
Dianeia was dealing with paperwork in her office. Then,

「The setting for the greeting will be….all right, that should be good. Knight Captain, check it please.」
「Ha, understood.」

She had finally finished all the paperwork she needed to do.
All that she needed was the Knight Captain to check it and she would be officially finished.
Her last job would be greeting guests at the party tonight and dealing with any issues that popped up.

「There’s a tiny bit left but I can finally take a break.」
「Good work Dianeia-sama.」

Dianeia leaned back in her chair and stretched her arms and back.
She could hear the sounds of the lively celebration from outside her window.

「Thanks to Daichi-dono’s power things should end safely. Thank goodness.」
「That’s right. Even the soldiers patrolling town haven’t reported an increase in problems.」

When they’d heard the spirits escaped and might rampage through town, they’d nearly fainted.
But thanks to Daichi making his move, the lively town was protected.

「…….normally there would be some monsters that come to make trouble, but this year it seems like they aren’t coming.」
「Well, that’s obvious. Right now there are several beings with incredible magical powers. A monster would have to be stupid or confident to cause trouble.」

The Dragon Kings and Daichi had become almost like a repellent.

…….and that was even with the coating magic on…how surprising….

Be that as it may, it is a good thing.

「If things go as they have been, Karen and Athena will be able to complete their objective on the final day. That would be nice if they could.」
「Yes indeed, if we had to pull any more all-nighters then we might collapse ourselves.」

Hahaha, the Knight Captain laughed with dark circles under his eyes.
He seemed really worn out, but he was still moving because…

「If we didn’t have Daichi-dono’s Apple Potion, then our bodies might have already gotten run down.」
「That’s right. Just by drinking that, our sleep deprived dizziness was blown away. Just a drink of that and a few minutes rest and your tiredness is gone. It’s very popular amongst our subordinates.」
「Haha, for real. We’re indebted to him for a great many things.」

She needed to find somehow, some way to repay this debt.
Dianeia thought as she looked out on the town.

「Knight Captain, Princess, Please excuse me! There’s a report from the soldiers in town!」

A messenger arrived at the door.
It seems like their wish for nothing to happen would not come true.

……well, originally it was just an unrealistic wish.

Dianeia asked the messenger while completely unfazed.

「What happened?」
「We have confirmed a tornado has formed on the outside of town.」
「A tornado?」
「Yes, and it has a lot of magic power within it. It is heading for town.」

Wind filled with magic power…that was quite uncommon.
So it wasn’t normal weather.

But, right now there should only be one suspect.

「It’s very likely that it is the wind spirit huh?」
「That’s right. The silver lining is that it did this outside of town…..」

If they left it alone and it came to town, it would spread destruction.

「Send an urgent message to Athena and Karen. Also inform the soldiers on the outskirts of town. Please hurry.」
「Ha! Roger that!」

The messenger set off running.

「For the wind spirit to appear now…it seems Karen and Athena will be able to complete their objective.」

The Knight Captain nodded.

「That’s right. With this they’ll be able to complete their mission…I’d like it to go smoothly.」

However, that was merely her wish.

It’d be best if she was prepared to move at any time if things went badly. She would go help them.

……..if it was impossible then maybe they could go to Daichi-dono’s place…

「Ok then. For now let me completely finish my duties. Have you checked the papers Knight Captain?」
「Yes, it’s done.」
「Ok then. Let’s move.」

Dianeia stood up from her desk and moved out. She went to finish her duties and get herself some free time.



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