Chapter 115: Dragon King Promise and Gathering Power


After I finished lunch, I stepped out of the shop and noticed Hesty doing the same.

「Huh? Hesty are you going out too?」
「n…….I didn’t want, to. But tonight, I will be going around, with Anne…I promised after all.」

Hesty said with a face that looked like she was digging her own grave.
If you didn’t want to so much, why did you promise?

「In exchange for looking after Ramiyuros, she asked to, go around the festival, on the last day.」
「Ahh, so that’s why Anne was with Ramiyuros yesterday.」

I didn’t know how they ended up staying together…so it was an exchange.

「I see. So that’s why Anne is on standby at that street corner.」

Hesty’s eyes snapped open…it seems like she hadn’t noticed.
Anne was hiding in an alleyway across the street from my shop.

「Aneue-sama Aneue-sama Aneue-sama Aneue-sama Aneue-sama ……!!」

She was murmuring as her eyes glittered. She had an ominous aura around her.

Hesty carefully avoided looking at Anne as she turned towards me.

「It seems like, I’m having trouble, sensing things, due to your power. Also…somehow, I’m sorry for causing, such a strange person, to hang around.」
「No, you don’t need to apologize.」

The strange person is clearly focused on you Hesty, so you don’t have to apologize.

However, that alleyway is filled with a roiling aura that keeps everyone away.

「…….for now I should, apologize to the merchant across, the way then we can go….」

Hesty nodded with a resigned expression.
Somehow she seems world weary…

「Ah, also, before we go out, there’s one thing.」

She turned to me and touched my hand.

「What’s wrong?」
「As I thought, your coating, is decreasing/loosening, so we might need to be careful.」
「Loosening? What do you mean?」

Ever since I came to town, I’ve been applying my coating. Maybe there’s a time limit for this kind of thing?

「n, it’s a bit, different. Up till now, you’ve been coating, and damming up your, magic power. So it has been, building up, in your body. So right now, you are in a state of, releasing more power, than usual.」

Huh, so coating has that kind of effect?

「No…….normally the amount of magic, gathered would be minor. It’s because your scale, is different. Once you release it, something incredible might happen.」
「Ohh…….maybe this was the cause of that magic wave I made when I scolded them earlier?」

I only spoke slightly louder than usual and some kind of pressure exploded out.

「That, might be the case. So I think that, carefully using up some of, your magic, would be good.」
「Ohh, I see. Thank you for your advice.」

I’m really grateful for this kind of advance warning.
Now that I know, I can use magic to make some golems to release some of this.

「Ok then, I’ll, be off………to hell.」
「Y-yeah….do your best~」

Hesty walked over to where Anne was. Then, Anne grabbed Hesty and swept her away like a tornado.

…..un, well…different strokes for different folks.

There may be various problems that pop up, but it’s good to have fun.
Maybe I should close up the shop early and go out with Sakura.

As I thought that I opened business for the third day.



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