Chapter 116: Enhanced Manufacturing


Afternoon, I’d left the store to the golems and was inside the living space.

Since then I’d modified them a lot. They were able to hand out the products by themselves and accept payment as well. I think that leaving them alone will be alright.

…..after all, the people who come to buy from me are the wolf people and the combat rabbits.

In fact, today they’d already come once to purchase juice.
Well, when they come again the golems should be able to handle it.

「Leaving that aside, it’s our turn to do stuff right Sakura?」
「Yes Master. Here you go, these are the apples and magic stones that we have left.」

Sakura said and brought them.

「Thank you Sakura. Hesty encouraged me to make more things, so now I think I’ll take the opportunity.」
「I’ll help you~」

Though I say that the small golems, armor, and improved pestle/mallet I’d made were all really simple.

「We’ll do it normally…anyways, let’s go outside.」
「Ok desu! Today is the day of the wind, so the town launches fireworks using wind power…or so Dianeia said.」
「Huh, today’s program is flashy.」

It’s the last day, so it’s probably like a grand finale.

「Then we’ll close the shop up early after we go out and then come back here to watch the fireworks. There aren’t too many people around here after all.」
「Fufu, that’s right. It’s tiring to try and watch them from a really crowded place.」

If we weren’t able to see them from the shop…then maybe it might be good to return home.

From my still growing house, I should be able to watch the fireworks from the top floor in comfort.

「Haa…how should I put it…I’ve been here for three days and I’m kind of missing home.」
「Fufu, hearing you say that makes me very happy.」

Sakura said as she snuggled close to me.
We’d…done it a lot at home, but for some reason it was hard to get into the mood here at the store.

I thought distractedly as I started to grow one of the apples when,

「Ah…Master? The tree has gotten really big…is that alright?」

I looked and saw that the tree was now tall enough to go through our roof.

「Woah seriously? …….The fine tuning is more difficult than usual.」
「Just like Hesty-chan said…Master is in a state of enhanced magic power.」
「It looks like it…」

I tried to normally make a wood armor arm…but it also turned out gigantic.
I put in the normal amount of power, but everything turned out much bigger than intended.

This would be a bit troublesome until I got used to it but…

「This will help disperse some of the magic power right?」
「Yes. It’s caused by an abnormal buildup of magic after all. All of these things were merely strengthened from the concentration of it.」
「Then it’s fine.」

If I made some big wood armors and golems then it should go back to normal eventually.

Even if I made them, then I could make a basement storage for them at the store.

「Hmm, at this point should I also do some more remodeling on this place.」

Around the shop was some bundled up lumber from my apple trees, so I should be able to use those.
I might need to make another magic stone mallet.

……I thought and realized that this enhanced state might be useful.

This might be some good experience.
I thought and went to pick up one of the apples when…


A sudden gust of wind blew through the window and sent the apple rolling across the floor.

「The wind today is strangely strong…」

I half closed the window and looked at the sky. The sky was beautiful but the clouds were moving at an abnormally fast pace.

「Windy? I hope that the fireworks are able to be shot off safely…」

And so I conversed with Sakura as I made a giant wooden armor.



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