Chapter 117: Advancing Power


I stood in front of my store looking at the things I’d produced.

「…..this armor…isn’t it a bit too gigantic…」
「Th-that’s right. Master’s magic power seems to have been stronger than expected……」

It was a huge wood armor with a magic stone mallet for a right hand.
I had gone into this with the intention of using up my leftover materials but…

…I hadn’t expected it to reach 3 stories tall.

It was a much bigger version of {Vajra}.
Maybe I should just call it {Vajra Kai}. However, right now I’m wondering whether or not this will actually move.

「……well, let’s check to see if it works.」
「O-Ok. I’ll accompany you.」

Sakura and I entered the armor and were integrated.
Then I tried moving the hands and feet and the pounding mallet installed in the right arm.

「Huh, this is unexpectedly agile.」

Though I couldn’t say it was effortless, moving it wasn’t especially hard.
It’s movements were also unexpectedly precise.

「I believe that is because Master is still in a state of enhanced power.」

I see. Well, as long as it’s confirmed that the movements aren’t terrible, it’s fine.
Even so, since it’d be hard to store, I’d like to compress it more.

…..places where I can use it are also pretty restricted as well.

I had it turn its head from side to side when…

「What’s that? Is that a festival float?」
「Amazing! It’s huge!!」

Nearby there were some children shouting with glittering eyes.


For some reason I moved the arms and legs once more to show off…

「Woah it moves!」
「So cool!」

My spectators were praising it nonstop.
Actually, it didn’t look like it was just kids…some adults came by and were looking at it with amazement.

「….why is it so popular?」
「Well, I think that thanks to Master’s molding it looks quite cool?」

Certainly I didn’t like it when it was fat and clumsy looking…I did take care to model it.
Why is it now garnishing this kind of attention?

……Well…I don’t feel any hostility from them so after I move it around a bit, I’ll hide it inside the store somehow.

When I thought that…


I felt something pulling at the legs.
I looked down and saw the fire, water, and earth spirits there.

「What? What’s wrong?」

They should’ve been in the shop…when did they get out here?
I looked at them as they pulled at the legs of the armor and,


They pointed in a direction and made sounds.
Then they began walking in that direction.

「Umm, it seems they want us to follow them?」
「Huh? Sakura…you can understand what the spirits are saying?」
「Well…I can somewhat understand what they want. We are similar existences.」

That’s right, Sakura was a spirit.
Nowadays I’d pretty much forgotten.

「Ahaha, really it’s just in general. But what shall we do?」

Let’s see. There was still time before the fireworks, so I had free time.

「Well, I’m free so we might as well follow? Since we’re checking this thing we might as well go around a bit.」
「Ok, then let’s go.」

And so we were led forward by the spirits.
Dianeia was meeting with Hesty in the office.

「What’s wrong Hesty-dono? You suddenly came here.」
「n…….somehow I felt, Karen’s magic power, warping outside of town. Do you, know anything?」
「Hm? Karen-dono should be capturing the spirit along with Athena……」
「I see. Just in case I cut short my trip with Anne….is everything, alright, I wonder…」

Hesty murmured when…


Athena appeared in a flash of light. Then she suddenly hugged Dianeia.

「Athena? Wait, that light was emergency teleport…..?」

It was a magic not to be used except in emergency.
For her to utilize it meant…

「…Athena. Did something happen!?」

Dianeia judged there was trouble and immediately asked.
Then Athena looked as if she were about to cry and said…

「U-umm, Onee-sama, please…please help…」
「Ok, calm yourself. If you want me to help, tell me what’s wrong calmly. Karen should’ve taught you this in the capital right?」

Athena flinched and took a deep breath.

「K-Karen is…Karen has…she’s been taken over by the spirits and is going wild.」

Athena said with a trembling voice trying to force herself to report calmly.

「Wild? What’s the situation?」
「Th-the four spirits combined into one and started going wild. At this rate the town will be endangered. So before that we need to fight them and reduce their power……」
「The four spirits went wild!?」

As a Princess, Dianeia was fully aware of how powerful the spirits were.
They had enough power combined to place a barrier around several large towns/cities.
If that power was changed into an attack, it was powerful enough to level a city.

「n, this is, a pretty bad, situation……..」

Hesty said and frowned.

「A Dragon King, can suppress the power of the four, spirits. That’s why I’d felt, Karen’s magic power, warping and swelling…but, if they all combined….then Karen’s power, alone cannot, hold them back, in fact, she will be engulfed.」

Hesty calmly informed them. She’d known Karen for a long time, she was one who should be most clear on this matter.

「If we don’t, stop them, the four spirits, will take over her body, and use it to, rampage……Dianeia, I will return, the favor from some, time ago.」
「Ohhh, thank you Hesty-dono! Let’s head out to stop this!」

Dianeia made a snap decision and called for the Knight Captain from the next room.

「Knight Captain. You heard the situation right!?」
「Ha, I’m sorry for eavesdropping!」
「No, I purposefully raised my voice for this so don’t worry……Knight Captain begin the evacuation while I go! If you don’t have enough help then call on Anne-dono.」

Dianeia ordered and put her equipment in order.

「Athena tell me the coordinates.」
「Hesty-dono hold on to me.」

「Let’s go —{Teleport}—」

Dianeia leapt to the plain.
And what she saw there was…


The sight of Karen walking towards town leaking magic power with not a shred of reason in her eyes.



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