Chapter 119: Four Spirits Vs. Giant Vajra


As I was riding in 「Vajra Kai」 the spirits had me run after them out of town when…

「Something…strange seems to be rampaging.」

A human shape covered in black light stood in front of us.

「That’s right. It’s mixed unclean magic power. I can also see Dianeia and the others.」

I didn’t know about the magic thing…but the three people in front of it were acquainted with me.
The ground was gouged out as they blocked the black light that the figure shot out and were sent flying.

「Are you alright Dianeia, Hesty, and Athena?」
「Yeah, we’re ok Daichi-dono. But…I’m sorry. We exposed such a shameful appearance…」

Dianeia said exhausted as she smiled wryly. I approached and she leaned herself against my wooden armor’s leg.
She’d taken damage from that light apparently…enough that she couldn’t stand but…

「It’s not shameful…not at all. You were blocking that light from hitting the town right? I think you’ve done well.」

I said and carefully used the armor to lift her body and set her to rest behind me. Then,

「Hesty, use this potion and heal you guys’ wounds.」
「n, got it.」

Hesty toddled over and I handed her a potion from within the armor.

I looked again at the figure clad in black light. This was once again another acquaintance of mine.

「It’s only been a little while since we’ve seen each other…and yet you’ve changed so much Karen…can you hear me?」

I faced Karen who’d been dyed black and called out but…


She only growled and moaned back.

「Karen’s, consciousness is, no longer there. If you can’t get rid of, the four spirits, from her, then you can’t speak, to her.」

Hesty said as she poured potions over herself.

「Huh…that black stuff is the four spirits’ power?」
「Yes……..that’s why I think, the spirit clones, at your feet brought you here. They wanted to, inform you, their Master, that his place of living was, in danger.」

She said and when I looked down at the split off spirits, they were nodding in agreement.
Fumu fumu, the spirits could do things like this…I learned something good, moreover,

「This is the first time I’ve been able to confirm someone else’s magic power with my own eyes I think…」

I stared at the black magic light in front of me.
I wonder if everyone who can see magic power sees things like this.
This is a good experience, but as I was observing her…


With her in the center huge gusts of wind powerful enough to cover the entire prairie gusted about. It was very strong…I think it was strong enough that it had been the cause of the sudden squall in town.

「Could this be the cause of the strange weather in town?」
「Eh……? W-well, the wind spirit is the cause of this strong wind…and since its taken over Karen she’s creating it too…….」

I see, so this was the cause of the bad weather happening on this last day of the festival. Trying to hurt my friends….trying to ruin the town…

「That’s…no good.」

and so I stepped forward. Then,


As if to say “Don’t get any closer!” Karen fired gray light.

The ground was torn apart as a shockwave flew forward.

「That’ dangerous…..!」

I used the left arm of my armor to create a shield.
In my enhanced state, I had created this armor compacting a great number of trees.

Therefore, even if I widened it, it was incredibly tough as such it completely blocked the shockwave.

…..I had expected a greater shock, but since my armor’s weight increased I was able to keep my balance.

Huge size and enormous weight…this much was definitely not going to send me flying.
Big, heavy, yet precise and skillful.
Those were the characteristics of this particular form.

「Well then, putting Karen aside, the four spirits seem to be hostile.」

I lowered my left arm and stepped forward once more.


Karen backed away as if she was fearful.

「It seems……like she is instinctively fearing Master’s power.」
「I see. But….they aren’t any less hostile.」

Karen lowered her body to the ground on all four of her limbs and faced me. Then,


Black steam continuously bled out of her body.
A lot of it leaked out as it became a rotating wind around her.
The wind continued to grow in strength until turning into a huge tornado.

「B-be careful! The spirits have felt, the threat you pose, and are releasing all of their power!」

Hesty shouted from behind.
I see, so this is their full power?


I heard a roar like a wild beast coming from within the tornado.
And seemingly obeying the voice, the tornado began flying towards me.

Well, more precisely, it began flying towards the town behind me I’d say.

…….both the town and my shop would be in trouble if it made it there.

This thing is absolutely detrimental to my daily life…so…

「Anything that jeopardizes my living….will be blown away!!」

I stepped forward once more and swung back my right fist.
At that moment the mallet on my hand was spinning slowly like a drill.

「Sakura I’ll leave our legs to you!」
「Ok, I’ll take care of it! So…please fight as you please……!」

With Sakura’s support our stance and position were firmly set.
Now no matter how I fought I wouldn’t get blown away by the approaching tornado.


Still roaring, the tornado approached.
In front of it, I simply pulled back the mallet mounted on my right fist.

….the power of magic stones, the quality and quantity, the user’s magic……

It was something I’d understood when I made 「Skanda」.
Using smaller poorer quality magic stones well…I was able to make a wood armor fly through the sky.

….in that case…how explosive would the power of a mallet made with superior quality compressed magic stones be?

With this concept in mind, the mallet was created to go forth crushing everything with incredible destructive power.
The power to smash through anything…Vajra.

「……and this model goes even further beyond. The explosive power should be even stronger.」


That’s why this weapon’s name was already decided long in advance.

「Crush everything! —「Vajra Thunderbolt (Destruction)」—!!!!」

The violently rotating magic stone hammer smashed into the tornado.
At that moment.


The power of this model was truly as I expected.

The shockwave exploded forward from the end of the hammer, splitting the tornado directly in half as it gouged a gigantic hollow in the ground. The shock continued forward after breaking through the tornado and flew towards Karen without slowing…


It smashed into the black aura surrounding Karen, blowing it away with great force.

All that was left was a huge cloud of dust and a deep trench dividing the prairie in half, which attested to the strength of the blow.


Karen alone collapse onto the broken ground.



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