Chapter 120.5: —Side Dianeia— Changing and Unchanging Things


Dianeia undertook the mission of ferrying everyone back to town.
Saying that she hadn’t been much use, and that she should do this much at least, she continued to act as a shuttle for them.

First she sent the injured Athena and Karen to the medical room in the castle.
Then she went back to get Daichi and the rest…but when she returned to the plains…

「Sorry for the wait. I had to accompany them to the castle and….wait…Daichi-dono…you’re the only one left?」
「Yeah, Sakura headed home to start supper and Hesty…Hesty’s here.」

She looked and saw Hesty riding on Daichi’s back.
She must have used quite a lot of her power in the previous fight.
Her eyelids were drooping open and shut.

「Are you sleeping?」

She said…but her head was slumping forward.

「As you can see, she’s like this. She’s going to sleep pretty soon.」
「I…see…….then what will you do Daichi-dono? Will you come back to town?」
「For a little bit. Once I close up the store, I’ll be heading home. I can’t very well leave Hesty in this condition at the store.」

Hearing this, Dianeia decided that it wouldn’t be wise to invite him to the closing party.
It was regrettable…but it couldn’t be helped.

「Well then, first I’ll take you to your store…then I’ll take you home Ok?」
「Hm? It’s alright. After I get to the store, I’ll walk back. You must be tired too Dianeia, you don’t have to force yourself ok?」
「No, please let me do this much at least. Over these three days I’ve been indebted to you for various things.」

Just by thinking about it, she could see that from beginning to end, it was thanks to Daichi that things had ended safely.

「Really…I’m sorry about this Daichi-dono. It’s really…pathetic that I have to keep relying on you like this.」

In her heart she began feeling like she couldn’t do anything right.
As that thought appeared…she began to cry.

「This time…I thought we’d be able to take care of it ourselves….but we’re really….so weak…..」

Dianeia hung her head in shame as she whispered those words when,

「No, I’ve seen it. You’ve worked so hard. You’ve worked so hard til your body is all injured. What the heck are you saying?」

Daichi said with a serious look on his face.

「No, this time…I wasn’t able to do anything. I just keep causing you trouble. I thought that I’d be hated for relying on you like this……..」
「Well, though you did give me some troubles, I won’t hate you for it. Also…if you need to depend on me, then do it. If I can’t help then the worst that will happen is I’ll refuse. Everything I do is my decision.」
「U…umu…….is that so? Thank you…for saying that.」

They may be just comforting words, but Dianeia felt relieved just by hearing that he didn’t hate her.

……really, in front of him, she was just a normal mage……

As Dianeia placed her hands on her chest in relief, Daichi peered closely at her face.


「Wha-? D-Daichi-dono? What’s wrong?」
「Hmm, as I thought. You do have a wound above your eye.」

Daichi pointed at her forehead.
Dianeia used the blade of her knife as a mirror to check and saw that there was in fact a wound on her forehead.

「This is……probably because one potion wasn’t enough to heal all my wounds. I guess you could say I had too many and this one wasn’t healed……..」
「I see. Then, I’ve got another so let’s try it.」

Daichi said and took a potion out of his bag and smeared some of it on his finger.

「Don’t move.」

He said as he gently stroked her head.
At that moment a pale light flickered and the wound on her head was healed. At the same time…


The potion acted as a medium sending the magic within Daichi’s body pouring into Dianeia numbing her body.


Suddenly her entire body relaxed and she fell to the ground.

「Huh, what’s wrong?」
「U-ummm…..thank you for healing my wound, but Daichi-dono’s magic power added on to the potion and caused a weird reaction in my body.」

Daichi looked at his hands taken aback.

「Huh, so there’s that kind of effect too? —Sorry Dianeia. Can you stand?」

As Dianeia started to take Daichi’s outstretched hand to stand, she realized her underwear had a bit of an emergency.

……….ah this is………..

This is what happened when she lost all her tension after the wound was instantly healed.

So Dianeia drew back her arms quickly.

「U-umm, Daichi-dono. For now my underwear has stopped it, but I’ve got a bit of an emergency, so I’d like to go back and change and I’ll just see you next time——」

She said but Daichi grabbed her arm.

「D-Daichi-dono…..? You might get dirty…」
「Huh? I thought it was stopped by your underwear?」
「Ah, it was but………..」
「Then don’t worry. Teleport us to the store. I have clothes and a bath, you can use them.」

Daichi said and squeezed her hand.

「……somehow it feels like Daichi-dono has gotten nicer.」
「You make it sound like I’m not nice. Anyways, this time was truly my fault so I’ll take care of you. Also…I’ve gotten used to it by now…the wetting I mean.」
「I’m not really happy that you’re used to it now…but—-thank you Daichi-dono.」

And so, Dianeia teleported them back to town while she enjoyed the warm feeling of holding Daichi’s hand.



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