Chapter 121: When Standing in Town



After returning to my shop I was closing up when Karen and Athena came walking towards me from the castle.
They seemed to be mostly recovered and walked over casually.

「Hey guys, are you all better?」
「Yes, thanks to those delicious potions we are almost all better.」
「Un, the Knight Captain stocked up on Daichi-oniisan’s apple potions. Just by drinking those we recovered our bodies and some magic power!」

I didn’t make them to be potions but juice…but it’s good that they feel better.

「Also the Knight Captain said to give this to you.」

She said and handed me the usual bag full of cash.
Even if they give it to me now, I don’t have anything to use it on…but refusing is also rude.

「So did you just come to give me this?」
「Ah, we came for that but also to return these to you.」

Karen said and stepped aside revealing…


The four spirits were standing there. More accurately it was their split off part…but I’d given them to Karen because the power in the pendant had been emptied.

They had become smaller, but they toddled over to my legs.

「Thank you for lending them to us. Thanks to you the power has built up.」
「Is it alright now?」
「Yes. We were able to receive enough. They split themselves to be able to follow you.」

Is that so? However, they weren’t that much smaller than when I lent them out…is it really alright?

「They were able to take in some of the dispersing power and place it back inside. So you see there is no problem.」

Karen said and showed me the pendant hanging on her chest. It was now a beautiful rainbow color.

… this is what the pendant looks like with no problems.

It’s quite pretty, I thought as I nodded when Athena approached me and bowed.

「If Daichi-oniisan wasn’t here….Karen and all of us would have been in grave danger. So I must say…..thank you very much. From the bottom of my heart….!」

Athena said while gripping my hand and shaking a bit.
It seems like she was really affected by this.

「Well, I’m glad I was able to help.」
「Un…….But I wanted to do something more to thank you, like a party and preparing various things, but Onee-sama said that Daichi-oniisan wouldn’t go to a party….is that true?」
「Yeah, I would like to abstain from the party please.」

I said and Athena looked disappointed.

「Un, if that’s what Daichi-oniisan wants then it can’t be helped……There’s a feast at the castle and fireworks and lots of fun things to see…but you’re not going to see them?」
「…..well, it’s almost time for me to get home for dinner. I’ll be watching from there while I have my meal.」

I was already getting hungry.
However, rather than sit and eat with random people at a feast, I wanted to go home and relax while eating.

「I see……then…I’ll see you next time and we’ll talk some more Daichi-oniisan!」
「Yeah. I’ll see you」

We finished speaking and Karen and Athena headed back to the castle.

Then I finished checking that the store was closed properly and headed out to meet Dianeia.

「Daichi-dono, are your preparations finished?」
「Yeah, sorry for making you wait, it’s all done.」

And so my three days of living in town ended with Dianeia teleporting me back home.



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