Chapter 122: Dwelling of the Spirits


By the time I got home, the sun had already set.

「It won’t be too long before I come to deliver my thanks….I will also come to return the clothes I borrowed. Ok then, I’ll see you later Daichi-dono.」

Dianeia said as she teleported home.

…..I had given her that change of underwear with the intention of her keeping them though……….

I think it’d be fine even if she didn’t return them.
However, she had disappeared before I had the chance to say so. She may have been a bit hasty, but she must have had her own circumstances.
I can just tell her next time, I thought and called out to Hesty on my back.

「Ok, now that we’re here its just a little bit more Hesty. Should I carry you to your cabin?」
「n, no. since we’re, here, I can, walk……..」

She said as she sleepily got down from my back when…


A small shadow moved near my feet.
It was hard to see in the darkness but…

「A spirit? You came along?」

A spirit stood there.
They had integrated with the store back in town so I thought I’d left it behind…

「Why did it come all the way to the house?」

I said and looked at the sleepy Hesty. She looked at the spirits in turn.

「…..spirits tend to, live near their boss…….」
「You say they wanted to live near me…..」

Is there a place around here that the spirits can live?
The Earth spirit had lived in my basement…but the end result was it became drunk on the magic power.

「n, it can stay in the, outer areas of, the dungeon, or directly below, the house…I think that, should be fine?」

The earth spirit nodded when it heard what Hesty said and patted the ground.
Then its body began to melt into the ground.
The other spirits imitated the earth spirit and began to descend into the earth.

「It looks like, they are assimilating, with the basement and dungeon.」
「Hm? Is that alright?」
「n, it should be. They are literally, placing themselves in your, hands. They won’t go anywhere you, tell them not to, and will come, when you call.」
「Huh, I see.」

I didn’t want them going to deep in the basement and going on a rampage…but if that wasn’t going to happen then I can let them do as they please.

「In fact, the interior of the dungeon should, become nicer as they, gain power down there, it will become a comfortable place. The air will circulate, the water will be fresh, it will feel like there is, rain and sun…it should no longer be dank and damp.」
「Oh, then I’m happy about that.」

Originally though the dungeon was easy enough to explore, the atmosphere and feeling of it was not very good.
If these things were going to improve then that’s great.

If they weren’t going to go out of control, then having them live in the dungeon might be the best option I thought when,

「Sha, Sha~」

The earth spirit that had been half submerged in the ground got out and brought a stone to me.

「Umm…this is……..a magic stone?」

However it was very transparent looking. I was wondering why when Hesty’s eyes shot wide open.

「……that’s, a mass of spirit power…」

Hesty said sounding surprised and excited.

「Mass of power……is it like a magic stone?」
「It is like one. However, only spirits can create them, and it is a much more precious, resource than magic stones. It’s too precious and I haven’t, really had any opportunities to see, them. It makes me want to touch it.」

So that’s why she’s so excited.
Well, I don’t have any particular use for it as of now, so it might be a good gift for Hesty…

「Anyways, why is the spirit giving me this?」
「I don’t know…..something like rent?」

The earth spirit nodded its head in agreement and then smacked the ground fully disappearing downwards. It really seems like it was giving me rent…

「Well, I’ll accept it then. I’ll be giving this to you Hesty. Hopefully you can come up with something good to use it in.」
「n……..if you give it to me….I’ll try my best.」
「Ok! I’m looking forward to it.」

And so my land received some new tenants.
If the spirits were able to manage the dungeon well, then I might just leave it to them.



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