Chapter 123: Around and Around, The Place to Settle Down


After confirming the spirits’ living accommodations, I escorted Hesty to her cabin.
It seems like she was at her limit, because as soon as she entered, Hesty laid down on the floor.

「Thank you…….thanks to you I made, it here….」
「No, you haven’t reached your bed yet….just a little further.」

Inside the cabin was a small bed.
A small cushion/mattress was laid out on top of it.

I picked up Hesty and carried her to it.

「Thank you…… really have amazing stamina. You used that much, magic……but it almost seems like, you’ve already recovered.」
「I feel like you’ve said something similar to me before. Also, I’m hungry and tired.」

It’d been a while since I’d eaten and I was starving.

「Is your body alright besides for being sleepy?」
「n, I’m ok. Coming here, will improve my, recovery power……… I should be back, to normal, tomorrow…..」

I’m glad. It seems like Hesty was moving around from the start of the festival all the way to the end. It’d be best for her to get a good rest I thought, when Hesty looked at my face.

「Also…….thank you, for taking me to the, festival. I got tired….but I had, a really good time.」
「Yeah, I had fun too.」
「n…..I’m glad. Ok, good night……」

She said and immediately fell asleep.
She must’ve been really tired.

「Good night……..」

She curled up and her face loosened as I covered her with a blanket and quietly left the cabin.

I walked through my garden by the light of the moon as I returned to my home.

My house that had become a tower. I hadn’t thought so when I was living here just a few days ago but….

…….now that I look at it with fresh eyes…it really has become large.

It might be a little late to say this, but maybe my common sense was being numbed from living here. Well, as long as it’s comfortable ot live in…..I thought as I entered.

Then I used the magic elevator to ascend the tower.


A light buzzing sound occurred as I rose up.
The outer wall of the elevator was made with transparent materials so I could see the outside as I rode it. I looked out and saw fireworks flying up from the town.
It was pretty distant, but they were large enough to appreciate.

「…..the end of the festival huh…」

As I looked out at the beautiful fireworks that reality struck home.
Soon I reached the top floor and the doors opened to…

「Welcome back Master.」

It felt like it’d been a long time since I’d been greeted by Sakura like this.

「Hey, I’m home Sakura.」
「Yeah! I’ve finished dinner so we can eat while enjoying the fireworks.」

Sakura said wearing her apron and returning to the kitchen.
Then I heard the sound of the pot heating up.

…it’d been three days since I’d been home….

It hadn’t been very long. It was only three days.

…..the town and townspeople had been lively…it was fun….

But even so…I thought…

「After all, my house is the best.」



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