Chapter 124: Comfortable As Always


I’ve slept very well ever since I returned from town.
Though it may have been nearby, sleeping in an unknown place can’t compare to the comforts of home.

Maybe it was because my place has a very calm atmosphere that the town lacks.
This being the case….I slept till noon today as well.

「Ah, Good morning Master」

I opened my eyes to a smiling Sakura.
On the table were a number of warm dishes.

「Yeah, good morning Sakura. Also, good job on the preparations.」
「Fufu, I’m an expert on all things Master…I can more or less predict when you are going to wake up. I’ll go get the toast for you.」

Sakura said with a smile and went to the kitchen.
Though I’m glad I can get a nice meal right after waking up…I should wash my face first.

Recently I’ve been able to sleep plenty so my body is in excellent condition.
I’m able to lie down, get up, and eat whenever I need to.

「n? This bread is more delicious than usual.」

Normally I find Sakura’s handmade cooking delicious enough…but today it was even more delicious.

「Is that so? I used the usual flour that the wolf people bring us….maybe they brought us expensive flour?」

Is that so? Then I’ll need to thank them when I get the chance. Also, I should probably give them more money than usual.

「Thanks to the sales during the festival, the room has gotten quite full after all.」
「That’s right, I never would’ve thought that after emptying the room of apples it would be immediately replaced by money…..」

That’s what happened when I brought the money from the store back home.
The end result was…the room that had been covered in a sea of apples was now filled with coins instead.
Actually, the coins took up less room…but they were far heavier.

……Those wolf people, dragons, and knights bought too much……

I’m grateful that I was able to sell everything I’d brought, but that room was still unusable for anything else.
That’s why I was thinking it might be good to give some to the wolf people to reduce the overflow.

「If I handle this poorly then I might end up with even more…or they might draw back….」
「Ah…ahaha. They certainly did when you tried to hand them a big sack of coins didn’t they Master?」

That was definitely true. In truth, I had tried to give away a large amount to them once before but…

『W-we cannot accept such a frightening amount. Please show mercy.』

I was dumbfounded. I thought we’d become better acquainted since last time. I was sure they’d accept, but their attitude changed back to how they were in the beginning.
In the end they refused to take any more than usual.
I have to be careful.

「Well, I can think about the money situation later. Right now I want to get on with modifying my garden.」

After the spirits began living in the dungeon, my garden has become strangely lively.
The trees grow quickly even without my interference, and there are greater numbers of fruits growing larger.

「It really is the influence of the spirits isn’t it?」
「Most likely. I sense that the amount of magic hasn’t changed, but the nature of it.」
「Huh, I see.」

Maybe my really good sleep and comfort waking up is also aided by the spirits’ power.

「Leaving that aside, those guys are really helpful.」

Since then, I’d left the dungeon’s environmental control to the spirits and the monitoring of my onsen. Thanks to that, the atmosphere down there had become much better.

「I’m grateful that they’re doing that for me. They’re very good at managing things.」
「That’s right. They are also being careful around this house (me) so as not to agitate the dragon vein, they are very capable as helpers.」

It seems like they were able to mix in well here with Sakura.

I wouldn’t have thought that I would be able to obtain these guys from a trip to town……especially since they’ve offered me some more spirit stones. This has enabled many different experiments and I’m having fun with it.

…..I wonder if they’ll bring me another one today?

They’ve been handing them over at a pace of one every few days…even so they have been building up a bit. I’ll have to talk more with Hesty about how they can be used.

「Haa…Thanks for the food. It was delicious Sakura.」
「Yes, thank you very much……also I can sense a person outside that seems to be Dianeia, what shall we do?」
「Huh, Dianeia’s here?」

I looked out my window and indeed saw a human figure.
The festival had ended a few days ago so I thought she’d still be busy…I wonder what she needs?

「Well whatever. I’ll take a little walk to help with my digestion and go meet her.」
「Ok, have a good day Master.」

Sakura said and I set off to go outside like always.




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