Chapter 125.5: —Side Dianeia— Ex Post Facto Report


After returning to her office, Dianeia accepted several documents from the Knight Captain.

She not only had to go through the results of the festival, but the failures, points to improve, and statements in droves.

Dianeia looked through them one by one but…

「Umm, these are……from the people on the edges of our territory?」
「Yes, they mostly engage in agriculture and each and every one of them is having a very abundant harvest. This is the cause for the great number of documents regarding them.」

Thanks to the festival, the usually large amount of paperwork was even more disgustingly profuse…….honestly she was well and truly sick of it but…..

「Haha, what a wonderful problem.」
「Indeed…this is a record breaking harvest this year.」
「I see I see. Since we used up so much in the festival this year, I’m glad that the next harvest more than makes up for the consumption.」

Thanks to a larger turnout than ever before, huge amounts of food had been consumed.
However, according to the documents this year’s harvest was incomparable in quality, quantity, and speed of growth. It gave her a feeling of mixed surprise and happiness.

「This is great.」
「Yes. How should I put this, I would’ve never even imagined that this sort of thing could be due to the favor of one man’s power.」

The Knight Captain said smiling wryly.

There’s no way that you’d normally think that a single man could change the circumstances of an entire city or town. Dianeia could truly understand that feeling.

「But still, though we must accord Daichi-dono every courtesy, we need to figure out a way to survive our future problems without relying on him too much.」
「We of the Knight Order agree with this train of thought. If we were to be too spoiled by him, our training would fall by the wayside and we would become weak and fearful. For us his power has become a great stimulus to improve.」

Now that he mentioned it, the knights had been awfully passionate in their training recently. Seemingly all of them had experienced a growth in strength.

「Un, that’s right. I too thought that I was being too complacent. It made me want to train even harder.」

If not then she wouldn’t even be able to catch up to him in her lifetime.

「No no, isn’t your highness already a Top Class Arch Mage? Wasn’t the association surprised at your power last time? Before long you’ll advance to the rank of Grand Magus (Ultra Grade).」
「Haha, thanks for the flattery Knight Captain. However, the matter of ranking up will have to be put off for a while.」

Rather than caring about her rank, she’d rather increase her abilities. That was her true wish.

「So that I can train more I need to finish this job quickly. Let’s do it lickety-split Knight Captain.」
「Alright. Well then Princess, there is one matter that deserves your attention.」

The Knight Captain handed her a sheet of paper.

「It’s this one.」
「Fumu…….large and mutated plants, small caves being produced?」

The document was attached to a map with several red X’s marked on it. Those must be the underground caves but…

「Those caves….have they turned into dungeons?」

If a dungeon once again appeared near the town, then it’d be a real problem.

「According to the scouts, monsters have not been produced at a high rate.」
「I see…..then for a while I’ll leave it up to investigation. According to the scouts’ reports, I may head out myself.」
「Ha, understood. I will send out the orders posthaste.」

The Knight Captain left the office briskly.

「Fuu… they aren’t all good reports. Even though the festival has ended the troubles haven’t.」

Dianeia prepared herself to go to war with these documents as she muttered those words.
More accurately, the festival was a special time…and now things were returning to normal.

……she couldn’t always have a festival attitude.

She had just committed herself to training harder a short while ago.

Promising not to let her guard down, Dianeia once again reaffirmed her feelings.
Though the town might not run out of troubles, the man in the forest would continue living at his own pace.



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