Chapter 125: The Things That Come and The Things You Receive


Dianeia waved her hand from outside of the garden.

「Sorry to come bothering you right after the festival ended Daichi-dono.」
「That’s fine……but why are you waving from all the way over there?」

It would’ve been fine if you came in further.

「Umm well…….somehow I felt the magic of the four spirits from within the garden and I was wondering if something was wrong?」
「Hm? Nothing’s wrong. I’m just having them keep the environment here good for my garden.」
「……ah that’s why it feels so comfortable around here. I thought it was strange. I see…….well it can’t be helped if it’s Daichi-dono.」

Dianeia nodded to herself. I feel like there’s something off with her words…but I guess I’ll ignore it for now. What I want to know more is…..

「What is inside that basket?」

Dianeia was carrying a huge basket.
I wonder what she brought?

「These are the clothes I wanted to return……..they were clothes that I’d worn of course so I thought it’d be best if I brought new ones. I’ve brought clothes weaved in Prussia.」

She said and opened the basket.
Inside were various clothes, underwear, and cloths of various types.

「I didn’t know what you’d like so I brought different ones, just tell me which ones feel best.」

Dianeia said as she handed me the basket. I touched the clothes lightly.
They felt silky to the touch and I felt that they would be very comfortable.

「I had the royal family’s craftsman make these custom for your size….they should fit right?」
「Wait a second…….yeah they’re fine.」

I held one of them up to my body to check and it seemed a perfect fit.

「I’m glad. I’d be happy if you’d wear them from time to time.」
「Yeah, thank you.」

Then after I accepted the basket she took another out from behind her and placed it in front of me.

「Also, this is another thing to thank you.」

Inside it were many different vegetables but….

「Another thing? But nothing I’ve done has anything to do with vegetables.」
「No no, you did do something. For the three days that you stayed in town the magic power of the neighborhood accumulated quite a lot. It improved the environment and business for them. Among them was this.」

Dianeia said as she pointed to the vegetables.
I wonder what part of these were magical.

「You know how magic power helps promote the growth of things right? Well, thanks to your visit to town there was an abundant harvest.」
「Huh…that’s true isn’t it.」
「It doesn’t need to be said, but the quality improved as well.」

Maybe that’s the reason why the bread made with the recently delivered flour was more delicious?
Later I should taste them and compare.

「Be that as it may, you didn’t have to give thanks expressly for that Dianeia.」
「No no, I was in your care a few days ago as well……Ah also Athena and them said they wanted to meet Daichi-dono again.」
「Athena? She hasn’t returned to the royal capital yet?」
「Yeah. She’s still in the castle. So I was wondering if they could come over when you’re free?」

When I’m free? Basically I spend my time sleeping at home, walking around, making golems, and fixing my garden… I guess you could say I’m free.

「That’s ok. As long as they don’t cause trouble it’s alright.」
「I-I see! I’m glad……that means I should be able to come too without needing to justify it….that’s good!」

Dianeia seemed happy as she muttered incomprehensibly to herself.

…….I didn’t think she’d be so happy that she gripped her hands like that….

When Dianeia saw me looking at her she hid her hands shyly.

「Ah, w-well then, I’ll return and keep working! Thanks for today Daichi-dono!」
「Ok, See ya」

And so Dianeia left hurriedly.
She seems as busy as ever.

「Well whatever, let’s take a walk.」

Maybe I should try a different route today.

I took the baskets I’d received inside and started walking through the garden and forest to work up a light sweat.



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