Chapter 126: Proof of Growth and Recovery of Power


After returning from my walk, I went into the garden with Hesty.
In front of me was a bag of transparent stones shedding faint light.

「Ok then, how do we use these spirit stones?」
「They can be used similar to magic stones. However, because of their quality and flexibility in use, it’d be a waste to use them as fuel.」

According to Hesty these were of a different material than magic stones.
When I found out that they could only be produced by spirits at certain intervals, I already kind of understood that.
But the question now is how to use them.

「Hesty do you have a good idea?」

I thought I’d ask…Hesty slowly inclined her head and pointed at my wand.

「Attach it, to your wand? It’s strong, and flexible so I could try while, doing maintenance?」
「Maintenance huh?」

That’s right…since Hesty gave it to me I’d used it to within an inch of its life.
I should have it maintained. I thought as I looked at the wand when…


A dragon roared from above as it swooped down.
It didn’t say anything understandable in the dragon language, it just roared so I couldn’t tell what was going on but…

「Trees, become a shield for me.」

It was dangerous so I had the trees grow into a shield for me and stop that dragon.

「Gu!? Oooooooo!」

The forcefully stopped dragon once again attacked slowly trying to push through the shield.

「Hey Hesty…it’s attacking really violently, do you know this one?」
「n~ no. It looks like one who has lost their intelligence. You can, beat it up. You can’t talk to it, and it isn’t one of mine.」

I see. Then I won’t hold back.」

「『Golem』 turn gigantic and hit it.」

It was bothersome to control them one by one for this, so I created a magic key for it.
A second or two later a big golem rose up and punched the dragon right in its face.


And so the dragon went spinning off into the forest.

「Un, good.」

That was no problem I thought, but….

「…….somehow, it seems like your, creation speed, and power, went up?」

Hesty said as she watched the dragon get blown away with surprise.


Now that she mentioned it, the speed was pretty abnormal this time.
I feel like before it would’ve taken quite a bit more time.

「The speed has definitely increased, and the magic within the golem, increased as well…….you grew too quickly. That was really surprising.」
「Well, I think only this aspect has really improved. On the whole I only think I’ve improved a bit.」
「n…….a bit. That’s right…this might be a bit for you…….」

Hesty said seeming to sulk. Maybe I said something bad again.
Be that as it may, growth is a good thing I thought and looked at my hand…

「——wait, the wand has some cracks.」
「Eh!? Really?」
「Here look. It’s cracked right here.」

There was a big crack right in the middle of it.
It had been fine until now…..maybe it was using the magic key to create that giant golem.

「n~ that might be. You used it too, hard……and it couldn’t take it.」
「I made this very sturdy. It’s proved by, not breaking for several, months. However, look…it broke just like that.」

Hesty shook her head back and forth.

「It couldn’t handle your, growth and broke. In a sense, it is proof of your growth.」
「Yeah, that might be. But I feel like it’s a waste.」

I was feeling sad about using it too hard and breaking it when,

「It’s ok. I’m here, so I can strengthen it. I will make something, that can withstand, you.」
「Ok, sorry Hesty.」
「No no, it’s ok. I enjoy it.」
「Enjoy it? You mean making wands?」

I asked and Hesty smiled a bit.

「n, that too, but I enjoy watching you use the wands that I make with all my ability. It might be, as a craftsman I like to watch, my wands get used to their, full potential.」
「Eh? Even broken?」
「When they break, I can look for points, to improve, so that is fun as well. I also like watching, your growth.」

Hesty said as she patted the wand affectionately.

「So, I’ll make your equipment properly. Just wait, for me.」
「Ok, then I’ll leave it to you Hesty.」

And so Hesty began to hammer away with spirit stone and wand in hand.
Bam Bam, the sound of wood, metal, and stone being hit rang out as I waited around.



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