Chapter 127: Testing New Equipment with a Combat Encounter


Evening passed into night before it was ready.
Hesty handed me a beautifully polished white wand.

「Here, I finished the maintenance, and strengthening」
「Already? That was fast.」
「Because I wasn’t making it, from scratch.」

I took the wand in my hand and felt that the sensation and weight hadn’t changed that much from before.
However, I could feel something from it.

「It should be, around twice as tough as before. It is strong enough to break, rocks if you use it for, hitting, yet still flexible.」
「That good?」
「n, I didn’t think it could, withstand your power if, I didn’t do that much. However, I think now you can, use it with your full, power.」

Apparently she has quite the confidence in her new work as she puffed up her chest in pride.
Since I’d gotten such a good thing, I wanted to try it out quickly but….

…….what should I do?

The onsen maintenance and modifications were better done by image magic, and the changing of my house’s shape didn’t take that much power.

「Then growing trees and creating golems is the easiest way to test out the new power….」

I walked over to an empty plot and planted apple seeds before gripping my wand.

「《Grow and bloom with fruits.》」

The moment I spoke several apple trees shot up out of the ground.
Furthermore, they had beautiful red fruits hanging from each and every one of them.

「Oh~ it’s been some time since I’ve done this, but it’s become so easy.」
「… wasn’t just the golems, your speed with growing trees, has gotten faster too. The magic power in the apples has gotten thicker, too. Your growth is, abnormal.」
「Well…even if you tell me that…..」

Hesty looked at me with harsh eyes before moving her gaze to the wand.

「n, but it properly, worked with your magic and, magic key.」
「That’s right. I feel like it’s even easier to use than before.」
「I’m glad…….but after you created so, many apple trees, what are you going to do, about harvesting them?」

I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll have to adjust the amount of harvesting golems and find a place to put these apples now.

…….I’d finally gotten rid of some of them and now I have more than ever.

Well, they stayed fresh surprisingly well and were quite popular as snacks among the spirits.
As I was wondering about where I’d put them….

「Ah, the dragon is, coming.」

Hesty pointed out to the forest and there was……


A dragon dashing towards us.
This time it was two of them.

「What? There seem to be a lot of them coming today?」
「I wonder why. For a number of dragons, to lose their reason, all at once…I think I should, investigate a bit.」

I see. Well, I can leave that to Hesty.
Now I need to drive away those dragons…something new.
The golems are enough to handle things from the ground, but things that fly were still troublesome.

…..I had made some anti-air things before, but they could only knock them down.

Once they fell in the garden, it’d be a pain to clean up.
Maybe I should make a golem that can send them flying away.

「Well, for now I should personally drive them away. I just grew some new trees and have a new wand……《Golem x100》」

According to the magical key, the apple trees that I had grown transformed into golems.

「I’ll leave it to you.」

I said and the golems all turned their gazes to the dragons.


Seeing this, the dragons faltered.
However, the golems didn’t care and began moving.

They advanced towards the golems at a lumbering run…

「Gu, Guaaaaaaaaa…………!!」

The golems hit the dragons like waves on the shore and sent them flying.

「That’ll wrap it up. The wand……..didn’t break.」

Since I’ve used it twice like this…it should be alright.

「I properly, raised the, durability. I’m glad that, it came out alright, in the real test.」

Hesty said looking satisfied.
I do have a greater sense of security in using this wand.

「Thank you Hesty. I’ll use it properly.」
「n, if it can’t hold on, just tell me. I’ll, fix it up.」

Once we finished talking, I felt it was just the right time to go back inside and eat.
I’ll just let the golems run around for now and fix up the garden tomorrow.



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