Chapter 128: Promise with the Dragon King


The next day as I was fiddling around with my garden and preparing golems, Anne arrived.

「Daichi-sama, good morning.」
「Oh Anne? What’s up?」

It was quite the sudden visit, I wonder if anything happened?

「There is a little something I’d like to ask………the other day, three dragons were blown away from this direction…did you do it?」

I see. The guys that I blew away must’ve cleared the forest and reached the plains.
Thinking of that, my golems must have been strengthened.
Until now such a thing hadn’t happened when I fought dragons.

「Was there any damage?」
「No, they quickly ran away crying, but…..I wonder if there has been trouble between you and the dragons?」
「No, not particularly. They just came attacking like usual.」

Well, there were times when I needed to defeat them personally because I wasn’t prepared…
When Anne heard what I said, she let out a big sigh of relief.

「Is that so? Thank goodness. Up until now it was just slimes and boars that were sent flying…..I didn’t know what to do when dragons started appearing too.」

Ah, so the other monsters got blown that far away…
Thankfully, there hadn’t been any injuries or damage, so there shouldn’t be a problem but…

「There might be more getting blown away like that in the future…」
「Eh? Why?」
「Right now I’m creating equipment to blow things away.」

Though I say that, it wasn’t anything grand. It was just to allow the golems to automatically repel things that came flying towards us.

「If there’s any danger I can always adjust the power, is that alright?」
「Yes, as long as they land in the empty prairies it is fine.」

Good, then I can continue with the current setting.

「Oh, there is one thing I wanted to ask…when the dragons landed they scattered some fangs and scales…we were hoping you would allow us to collect them.」

Anne nodded while asking.
I just wondered why she needed my permission. Just take them if you want them.

「Well, they were things you sent flying away. You have the rights to them so I have a problem with taking them without asking.」
「You’ve got integrity as always. But you don’t have to worry, I was just driving them away from my home.」

Actually, this was the first time that I’d hit them hard enough to drop scales.

「Well, though they may have lost their reason, they are dragons. Usually you can’t remove their scales without time and a lot of magic……for the shock to be strong enough to knock them loose…」
「Well it’s good since they can be used as materials.」
「Th-that’s right. —then I will thankfully accept them.」

Anne bowed then furtively looked around.
She was probably looking for Hesty again but….

「…..uuu, I want to see Aneue-sama again but I don’t have time…….」

Anne dropped her shoulders but didn’t move otherwise.

「You won’t go looking around for Hesty today right?」

Well, even if she did, Hesty was out on an errand and wasn’t home.

「Honestly, I really want to…but I have business in the Valley of the Dragons. I absolutely must go.」
「Just a little gathering of dragons and Dragon Kings. Would you like to come too Daichi-sama?」
「No…I won’t.」

I don’t really have a reason to either.

「However, I heard that the ruler of the Valley of the dragons was Daichi…….」
「No, I don’t intend to rule it. Just that they don’t come attacking.」

Actually, aside from knowing of its existence, I’ve never gone there even once.
It sounds very steep and rocky so I don’t think I’d want to go for a walk there.

「Is that so….I understand. Then I would like to return around the evening, I will bring some gifts from the Valley, would that be alright?」
「I don’t mind, but I can’t tell you if you’ll meet Hesty or not ok?」
「ugu…….n-no. That’s alright. I can bear with just smelling the scent of Hesty-aneuesama….」

Anne said with a smile as she started smelling and breathing in deeply. Her nose started bleeding. I can’t help but think again….Hesty must have it hard being followed around by this kind of Dragon King.

「Well, I understand. Come when you can.」
「Ok, thank you very much! Alright then, please excuse me.」

And so Anne headed off.
I didn’t know what she’d be doing, but if it didn’t cause trouble I’d be fine.

……I should probably let Hesty know about this though.

I thought as I started strengthening my garden’s defenses.



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