Chapter 129: Relaxing while Dragon Kings Gather


After Anne left I continued making Golems.

「Ok, it should be something like this…」

It looked unexpectedly grim faced once I’d finished, but for taking care of things from the air it was perfect. Now I’d be able to drive them away easily I thought patting this new golem when…

「I’m home. As always you come up, with strong looking, golems.」

Hesty came home.

「Oh, welcome back. How was town?」
「n, same as always…….however it still hasn’t, calmed down. The post festival excitement is still, going on so, it took time to, gather the materials.」

She said and put down the sack on her shoulder.
Inside of it were bottles covered in cloth and filled with fluids. I wonder if she’s going to make something again…

「Once it’s done I’ll show you, so use it as you please.」
「Oh thank you. —–oh also Anne was here a while ago.」

When she heard me speak the word Anne, she immediately hid behind me.
She peeked out and looked around furtively.

「Well, she’s not here now. She said she had business in the Dragon Valley. Seemingly a gathering of Dragon Kings.」

I said, and Hesty seemed to realize something and nodded in understanding.

「Ahh…..The Dragon King Council. It was already that, time.」
「Dragon King Council? What is that?」

From the sound of it, it doesn’t sound particularly peaceful.

「Well, sometimes it gets rowdy, but I think it will be peaceful, this time. It’s a meeting that happens every once in a while (decades) where nearby Dragon Kings, meet up.」
「Eh~ why did this thing come into existence?」
「Well Dragon Kings are strong, and they usually neglect, gathering information. After living so long, many become like that. That is no good, so me and one other, Dragon King proposed, this.」

Hesty said as if recalling.

「Is that so? Then will you be going Hesty?」
「n? I won’t, be? Right now I am, not considered a Dragon King, technically. I lost to you, and so you are considered, the King of that Valley…」
「Eh? Really?」

That’s right, Anne said something similar, so it was like that?

「Huh? You didn’t, know? You can freely, use the dragons, there you know?」
「Well, even if you tell me that……..」

I couldn’t think of something I’d need to use them for.

……I honestly didn’t really need this authority.

Though my motto is to accept what I’m given.
If they cause problems then I’ll give orders. But I wonder what other usage they have…

「… moving around?」
「Well, you could, have them do that but….most people will be very surprised, to see such a huge number of dragons. I did it once, and see what happened.」

Hesty said while scratching her cheek abashedly.
Hmm I see.

「For now, you don’t need to do anything I think.」
「I see. Then I just make use of them when necessary?」
「I think that would, be fine.」

Then as we were chatting,

「Master, Hesty-chan~ lunch is ready~」

I heard Sakura call out.
It seems it was time to eat. As I thought that I heard Hesty’s stomach growl.

「Maybe, I’m, hungry?」
「Don’t sound so doubtful. You walked back and forth from the town so of course you’re hungry.」

I had been making golems since the morning so I was hungry as well.
The rocky mountains were hosting an amazing council but…

「Well, let’s relax and eat.」
「n, take our time.」

And so we relaxed, ate, and drank tea.



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