Chapter 13: Harvesting ability with Strengthened Power


Since waking up in the morning, both Sakura and I were working on the Wood Golem.

This time around, there was only one purpose for the golem.

「Getting the golems to harvest the apples」

「These days, the amount of trees that given birth to apples have increased」

We can’t do it manually with our hands anymore. Well even if we do harvest it, there is so much that we won’t be able to eat it all, but I guess that’s another matter altogether. There is a variety of uses for it. Besides, harvesting it will pose no disadvantages. That’s the main reason I wanted the golems to take the apples…

「However, Golems cannot really do precise movements, and with such thick hands, they wouldn’t be able to harvest the apples properly」

「Yes, I think the apples will end up being squished」

Well as long as I can adjust the power it should be okay. The thing is, it wouldn’t be possible for me to give an order like, “cut it down and place it in the basket” to a golem. Even so, it would be convenient if I had something sharp so that it will be possible to make a clean cut. As I thought such things, the ground in front of me had a rainbow colored object that was jutting out of the ground.

「Is this? The scale of the small wyvern who entered here recently?」

「I believe so. I thought that it would be decomposed when it got buried, but…」

However, it seemed that it was completely untarnished as it remained in the ground.  When I felt it, it was quite solid. At the very least, it would be much stronger than a tree.


I might be able to use this. As I thought this, I picked up the scale. If I left it in this form, then it would remain in its rainbow colored board shape.

「But if I use my magic, I’m sure that I can make it into some sort of cutlery, right?」

Let’s give it a go. I used the same senses as when I created the golem, and attempted to change the shape of the material.

Thinner, wider and stronger. Extend it,

「Almost but not quite, I will name it dragon cutter」

It looked like a beautiful rainbow colored knife. Because there was three dragon scales around the ground, I made three in total. I immediately attached the knife in both hands of the Golem, in order to test if it could cut the branches. When I did, there was absolutely no resistance as it cut through the tree like butter.

「Splendid work! As expected of the thing Master created!」

「It’s quite good isn’t it? Its sharpness is supreme」

With this I thought to try cutting the apple next.

「Master. It seems that a monster has come」

When I looked towards the direction Sakura pointed at, a wild boar with fully grown fangs was there.


Apparently, the boar seems to be quite agitated as it glared with bloodshot eyes. Or more like, it started to perform a ramming attack.

「Hou, it’s quite the feisty one isn’t he?」

However, I just made my golem. It’s the perfect timing so I leave it to the golem.

「Golem, counterattack with a punch」

The moment I released the order, I remembered something. The fact that the Golem was wearing the dragon’s blade on its hands right now.


I noticed it too slow.

The golem intercepted the wild boar who was sprinting towards it with a punch.


To put it simply, the boar became a splattered mess. The sharp blade which counter attacked the wild boar, magnificently split the body of the boar into two pieces.

「This thing is…..Really sharp isn’t it」

「It- it seems that way」

The apple field was stained with blood.

If I don’t make the blade a little duller, I think it will be a little too dangerous in a variety of ways.

For the time being, let’s pull out the blade from the Golem which was covered in blood.

「Hello there〜. I’ve come in order to return the money——, Uwaahhhh!?」

From the other side of the forest, the Witch Princess arrived. Seeing the situation of the bloodstained golem standing next to me and Sakura, she became weak in the knees as she crumbled to the floor.

「Wha-what is this disastrous scene!?」

「Err well, it’s supposed to be a place where we harvest apples but…」

「No matter how you see it, it looks like some kind of gathering from hell, y-you know!?」

How rude of her.

I’ve merely made something that is a little bit strong. Also, it seems that she has marvelously wet her pants again, tsk this Witch Princess. The more she comes, the weaker her knees get, is she perhaps some kind of dog that likes to mark territory or something?

「Why on earth have you come this time, Dianeia?」

「U, Umu, it’s about money.  I’ve brought it over」

Whilst trembling, she presented me a leather sack as per usual.

「Ahh, Thank you」

「This time we managed to get a really good price, so there are 800 silver coins」

Is that so? Well I don’t really have a use for it right now, but as per usual I will receive it…..Well recently, since meeting with the werewolves who are transferring food for me, I can just give it to them when trading I suppose.

Moreover, I guess I can buy plenty of things from the town, and since money is what keeps the world going, it can’t be bad to accept more of it, right?

It definitely isn’t a negative thing.

「However, your timing is impeccable as usual, Dianeia. You’ve come just when a monster was being eliminated」

「Monster? Don’t tell me, it came here?」

Ahh, it’s because it came here, that’s why everything is so blood-stained…There is even its corpse still lying around over there.

「This is a……Fabunilu. Even amongst the four legged monsters, it is a high ranking monster, why, is it at such a place….?」

Why does she have such a confused expression I wonder? Isn’t it normal that there are monsters within this forest? I’ve heard about this fact from the werewolves as well.

「Ah, no I mean, certainly this kind of beasts exist within the forest….However as a wild monster, their intuition for danger is quite strong. When treading along paths where there is a rich amount of magic, it is often the case that a strong person would be nearby. That’s why even though most animals are tempted by the rich magical soil, I do not think that it would dare to approach this place, after all, you are here」

However, the fact remains that it attacked this place just moments ago.

「That’s why I think that it’s really strange. Perhaps it was running away from other threats as it got cornered to this location?」

Fumfumu, I don’t really have detailed experience with the wild life in this world, so what she is saying is helping me learn more about this world.

「As expected of a Princess. You are quite knowledgeable」

「No no, because it is just basic knowledge, I don’t feel as if I deserve the praise…..By the way, that sword that you have, what exactly is it?」

「Eh? This thing? It’s just your regular knife. Look, there is another one next to your feet, can you see it?」

Dianeia picked up the knife next to her feet. And when she did,


Her eyes opened wide in astonishment.

「Wh-why is this Ultra Wyvern’s scale thrown away casually in such a place?! Moreover, it has already been manufactured!!」

「Ahh, I started making them, but I had an extra one」

「You!? Made it?!」


When I said this, Dianeia cast her eyes on to the knife. She stared at it deeply, as if she really wanted the thing.

「Do you want it? If you want it, I can give it to you」

「Eh?……Is-is that really alright? Giving me such a precious thing which can be used as a magic catalyst…..」

「What? Is it really that rare? It’s just a mere cutlery I made from the scale of a dragon you know?」

「Did you just say “mere”….!? —N-no I guess so. Judging based on your knowledge, I suppose this is to be expected…」


Dianeia was extremely excited. Ahh, if I’m not mistaken dragons were something that could be converted into raw materials. Then, it would probably have a lot of value.

Well I always get her to deliver things for me, so I suppose it will be fine to give it to her as a sort of recompense for the delivery charge. Besides that I don’t really have an immediate use for the extra knife right now.

「Ah, just promise me you will be careful, because the knife has a really dangerous cutting power, alright?」

「I understand! Then I shall receive it. I will also repay this favor! I will bring money again, I promise!」

It seems that whenever I give her something, it’s become the norm for her to give me money in return. Is this Witch Princess perhaps also doing some sort of merchant job on the side or something?

「I-in that case, I’ve finished my business here, with this I must be going!」

「Yeah, see ya later」

After dropping the sharpness of this knife and making it duller, I will also go to bed. If I make it right, I should be able to automate the actions of the Golem to harvest the apple crops properly. What a tough day it’s been. Yeah, today I’ve worked really hard.



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