Chapter 130.5: —Side Dianeia— Dragon King Threat and Growth


Dianeia was working inside her office which gradually became more hectic as time passed. Inside the office was the Knight Captain and several knights with nervous and tense faces.

In front of them Dianeia inspected several pieces of paper on her desk and spoke up.

「Well then…Karen said the Dragon Kings are heading to the forest and valley for a gathering and you came here…..but is there anything else to report in the town?」
「N-no there is nothing in particular. Everything is as usual.」

A young knight reported seeming nervous and confused.

….indeed, the gathering of Dragon Kings was a scary matter.

It’s not as if she didn’t understand how they felt.
Dianeia had heard about this council from Karen and Anne including some internal details….but still it was nerve-wracking.

But there was no need to show that.
She was nervous, but could still take action without fear.

「Have we been connected to the Wolf People’s information network by the technique?」
「Yes! We’ve connected properly, if there is anything abnormal in the Dragon Valley it will immediately be reported here.」

The number of Wolf People engaged in the information trade had increased as of late.
It was helpful as they were more knowledgeable about the forest than the knights or even the adventurers.

「Alright then, have the Knight Order be on standby. If there is any abnormal monster activity in the plains or around town, immediately take care of it.」

With this the Knight Order shouldn’t have any issue moving.
But if that were to happen…..

「Knight Captain, please send out a mobilization order for the adventurers as well.」
「Roger. I will also contact the Shining Head gentlemen as well.」

For now we’ve secured the personnel.
All that was left was to cope with each problem as it arose, Dianeia thought as she examined her papers.

As the young knight carried out his orders, he looked back at Dianeia every now and then with a bit of envy.

「Wow……..the princess is so calm..….」
「It’s such a situation..….but she ain’t half-a**ed……」

Dianeia also heard the whispers but didn’t feel ill at ease.

……..after all if she hadn’t met with Daichi-dono she wouldn’t have been able to act like this.

Before that, she would’ve been in a great rush as well.
Thinking about the panic she had expressed back then, she felt that she had grown if just by a bit.

So she thought that just this much composure was to be expected as she continued to deal with the knights.

「Ok then, are there any other important matters?」
「All that’s left is……that’s right. Maybe because of the Dragon King gathering…but monsters have been flying out of the forest onto the plain all beat up. There has been no damage to the town, but it is an abnormal situation.」

Receiving that report, Dianeia looked at the Knight Captain and they nodded at each other.

「Ahh… don’t need to worry about that.」
「Is that alright?」
「Yeah. This phenomenon has nothing to do with the current situation.」

In the first place it wasn’t an issue that needed to be worried about really.

「Ha, Understood!」

The Knight said and stepped back.
After that it seemed there was nothing left to report.

「Alright then, we must be cautious about the Dragon King situation. We must do the very best we can.」

And so the knights left the office.

「It’d be nice if nothing happened….but it’s best to be prepared.」

Dianeia murmured and left to continue her preparations.



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