Chapter 130: Gathering Place of Powerful Magic


After we finished eating lunch and arranging the trees in my garden…a boar came attacking from the forest.
It was business as usual as the golems drove it away without panic or fanfare….

…….I wonder what I should do now…

Maybe I should enter the onsen since I haven’t been in it in a while, I thought when…

「As I thought this is where Daichi is!」

and Karen dashed over from the forest.
She dashed over with excitement in her eyes.

「Karen huh? I haven’t seen you since the festival.」
「Yes, it’s been a while.」

But, as we were talking another boar came charging towards Karen.
However, she held out her hand and stopped its charge.

「——mm, are these Fafnir being kept by you?」
「No, they’re wild boars. They often come trying to invade.」
「Is that so? ……Daichi…would you mind if I look into your eyes a bit?」

I said as she met my gaze and the atmosphere around us started shaking. Furthermore,


The boars’ eyes filled with fear and they ran for their lives.
I wonder why? Maybe it was due to the Dragon King’s pressure I thought when,

「Fu, fufufufufu…..」

Karen hugged herself as she started shivering.

「J-just with this casual greeting, gaze, and magical surge………just from that you can make high level monsters run for their lives. Ahh you’re really amazing Daichi……!」

She said as she looked at me passionately.
I feel like she’s saying some things that I don’t get…..

「Ummm, I guess I should thank you for driving them away?」
「Ahh, no, it was mostly Daichi’s magic pressure that caused them to run. All I did was clash our magic power together to get the pump primed…please don’t mind it.」

Karen said as she suppressed her excitement and put on a calm face.
However, there was still a little something I didn’t get.

「What do you mean by clashing magic power?」
「Eh……..? Well, didn’t you realize that I put some magic power into my gaze and you reflected it?」
「No, I didn’t realize. I thought we were just looking into each other’s eyes normally.」
「I see… I see…so that was a reflexive reaction….fufu, really, you are more than I imagined…」

Karen’s mouth began to curve disturbing her prim look.
She seemed happy.
Well anyways, the boars were driven away so let’s get back to what we were talking about.

…….after the incident with Anne and the talk we had, I predicted that she’d be coming along eventually.

I’ll just ask.

「Why have you come here?」
「Well, I came here coincidentally…I have business in the Dragon Valley near here…」
「As I thought, the Dragon King Council is the cause……」

Since I was between the valley and the town, it wasn’t unusual to see a little traffic….
…but today I’ve had a lot of personal guests, I thought and looked at Karen.

「By the way, sorry to interrupt but this is Daichi’s principal residence am I correct?」

Karen said, eyes sparkling.

「Well, yeah.」

It was the truth so I nodded as her eyes began to sparkle even brighter.

「For there to be such a magic spot….to see it like this….it’s so moving! I’d taken a map and left town for the forest, when I felt an incredibly huge magic power, I had thought that maybe….but I never dreamed that it’d be like this!」

Karen said as she looked around restlessly.

「This is beyond anything I’d expected. This land’s magic, your home’s power, and Daichi’s power all combine together to produce something incredible. I’ve never seen anything like this…..if there wasn’t the council, then I would’ve liked to stay here and talk……」

She said and finally looked back at me.
She had been so excited this entire time, but now she had put on a calm and collected face.

「Eh, ehem…Daichi…after the council is over, could I come back to talk again? I haven’t truly thanked you yet so I would like to pay another visit…」

Her entire speech pattern had changed to being very calm and smooth. Honestly when she was in this mode she was easier to talk to, I thought and answered.
After all, Anne would be coming back anyways so I didn’t really mind…

「If you come back too late, I’ll be asleep OK?」
「Ah, that’s fine. The council should finish up quickly.」

The council should be something fairly important so I wonder if it’s OK for her to be so flippant about it.
Well, it’s their business not mine…so I don’t have any right to comment.

「I got it. Then come say hi before I go to sleep.」
「OK! Thank you very much! ……..then I’ll go finish the meeting at top speed!」

Karen said and ran off towards the valley.

…..seems like I’ll be getting more visits before the day is done.

Moreover, it seems that the council will be very lively.
I thought as I headed towards my onsen.

I’d been sweating while doing my gardening, so a bath should feel great.



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