Chapter 131: Dragon Intentions and The Forest and Valley Tea Meeting


Inside the Dragon Valley was a single cabin.
Inside it Anne, Ramiyuros, and Karen were sitting together.

Since the morning they had gathered and spoke about the movements in towns, countries, and different types of information.

「How should I say this, I’m glad that this number has come together but…..without the direction of Aneue-sama I’m a bit troubled.」

Anne said while scratching at her cheek and looking around.
If it was like usual, Hesty would have taken the lead in presenting her information…but this time she wasn’t here. Because of that, the conversation didn’t really get going.

「Ahaha, the management was always done by Hesty. For the years we’ve been holding this, that hasn’t changed~」
「Eh, is that so?」
「That’s right~. That hasn’t changed for over 100 years.」

Ramiyuros laughed care-freely while Karen agreed.

「That’s right. The thing that we need to be most cautious of and the thing we need to pay the most attention to………happens to be the thing that Hesty knows best.」
「I see……..」

Anne thought proudly, as expected of Aneue-sama she knows so much.
Then she followed their example and got the conversation going.

「Right now….the thing we should be most cautious of is the existence of Daichi-sama I suppose.」
「Ahh, yep, that’s right~. That won’t change will it~」
「Ehh, I completely agree. No matter how much you think it won’t be a loss……..!」

Karen said seeming excited.
Anne could understand as she was drawn to the strong and very “sports-minded” but…

「By the way, Karen-anesama hasn’t challenged Daichi have you?」
「Eeh, well yeah. With that much power it’s less a challenge and more a request…..furthermore it’s me making the request. Yes, I will patiently continue.」
「I understand that feeling Karen-anesama……..!」

Anne said grasping her hands in strong agreement.
To get closer to Aneue-sama she had approached time after time making Anne nostalgic for the past.

「Haa….I feel like that’s a bit of a strange thing to feel comradery about but make sure you don’t cause Daichi-san trouble ok~. Though I have as well…」
「I understand Ramiyuros-sama……but you can act so care-freely in front of Daichi-sama I can’t believe it.」

Daichi’s magic power was vast. Hesty may have been used to it and didn’t pay it any mind, but since she had just met him her body still shook from the shock it gives.

It felt good, but Anne only felt the desire to feel it at certain intervals, she couldn’t be so easygoing about it.

「By that measure, Ramiyuros-sama is amazing I think, but how are you able to be like that?」
「n~, that’s obvious~. I owe Daichi-san my life first off and secondly I’m not his match. It wouldn’t help even if I was cautious. He’d probably beat me in five minutes at most after all.」

So that’s how I’m able to be so carefree, Ramiyuros laughed.
Anne thought that this way of thinking really demonstrated the attitude of one of the longest-living Dragon Kings.

………I’m still not experienced enough I need to learn more, she thought. I can’t be satisfied just by meeting Daichi-sama and Aneue-sama……….!

After looking at the other two Dragon Kings, Anne motivated herself anew and remembered one other thing she wanted to speak about.

「That’s right I remembered something related to Daichi-sama….you know that his power is saturating the land around the forest and town right? It appears that because of this, small magic stones are appearing near the town.」
「Ohh is that so? If that is the case then a quasi-dungeon may appear…….that should be a good place for Princess Athena to train.」

Karen said while nodding slightly.

「Y-you’re very passionate about training aren’t you Karen-anesama?」
「Of course. I promised to raise her into a proper warrior. I’m grateful that Daichi has allowed us to take a step in the right direction.」

For Anne, the land filled with magic was helpful for her item and tool creation. However,

「This may be related or there may be other circumstances…but the dragons in the forest are exhibiting abnormal behavior.」
「Ahh, that’s right when I was coming here I saw some dragons that had lost their rationality~. They did give off a strange feeling~」

Ramiyuros also felt this was an issue apparently.

「……should we inform Daichi of this?」
「Tell Daichi-san? N~ hmm. It might be a good idea so he doesn’t get roubled by this.」
「That’s right. Well then, let us go to Daichi-sama and Aneue-sama.」

And so the Dragon Kings began to move.
Before the sun set, the Dragon Kings arrived at my home.

「I said you could come back……but that was fast.」
「Ahaha…s-sorry. To come with so many of us.」

A rivulet of sweat dripped down Anne’s cheek as she bowed apologetically. Behind her were…

「I’m glad we came before you went to sleep Daichi! There’s lots I want to talk about.」
「Daichi-san~. It’s been a while~. Lemme get in the onsen again~~」

Two people…one filled with spirit and one filled with lethargy.
They were really a varied group of personalities…

「Well, whatever. There were some apples left…maybe I should dry them and steam them….should I make some tea?」
「I’m really sorry Daichi-sama. Thank you for your hospitality….」
「I’ll gratefully accept!」

And so we began to talk while drinking tea.



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