Chapter 132.5: —Side Prussia— Princess and Adventurers Exploration Party


Early morning. Dianeia made her way to the outskirts of town.
In front of her was a large bulge in the earth with a large hole…it was a newly formed cave.

「So this is where the monsters are appearing?」

Yesterday she had sent a scout squad which confirmed that monsters were appearing from this hole.
Dianeia had determined that the inside of this cave was transforming into a dungeon and decided to go there at the earliest she could.

……she had to crush the Dungeon Master quickly.

Furthermore, she wasn’t the only one here…

「Hyahha~ Princess. Good workin’ with you today」

The adventure group ‘Shining Head’ was here as well.

「Ahh, I’m grateful that you accepted the request. I’ll be counting on you as well.」

Dianeia said in gratitude and extended her hand for a handshake. The Shining Head leader, Ash, took her hand.

「Hyahha~ The request for today is: guarding you, defeating monsters, and exploring this cave. This is it yeah?」
「Yes, no doubt about it. I can protect myself so you don’t have to worry too much.」
「Hyahha~ That’s right. Princess is strong so you might not need the protection…..but if you find yourself in need we’re gonna do it~ Right guys!?」

The men’s voices echoed.
Dianeia watched them feeling they were reliable.

「But anyways, you guys are fired up…」
「Hyahha~ of course. Dungeon exploration is our primary job. We’d definitely get fired up.」

These men were originally from the Fort City which had a dungeon very near to it. So it would make sense that they would feel like dungeons are their home ground.

「So…we’re prepared, but how about you Princess?」
「I’m all ready.」
「No…I meant that one…over there, how about you?」

Ash looked a little further behind Dianeia.
There you could see Athena in adventurer’s garb.

「Athena… plan on following?」

It might’ve been inevitable with the ability to emergency teleport and with the shining head group who was so competent at dungeon exploration.

The monsters coming from the dungeon were quite strong.

Having Athena in the group might be a bit dangerous but…

「I’m sorry. I couldn’t just wait around. I want to become stronger! I want to learn by watching Onee-sama’s fights!」

Athena desperately appealed.
Dianeia could understand her feelings.
It wasn’t too long ago that she felt desperate to increase her strength.
Her feelings hadn’t changed till now.

「But it’s dangerous?」
「Un, that’s why I’ll teleport away if it gets dangerous, so it should be fine right?」

Athena had learned how to teleport herself.
She wasn’t foolish so as to ignore danger to herself, so she should teleport if there was trouble.
Dianeia thought as she stared at Athena.

「If it gets dangerous teleport immediately. That is the minimum I will require if you are to follow. Can you keep this promise?」
「Yes Onee-sama! I can!」
「It’d be good if you do!」

Athena nodded energetically.
This should be alright for now.

「…….this is how it is Shining Head. Sorry but can we bring one more.」

She requested Ash.
Ash nodded slightly.

「I don’t mind highness. We’ll get even more fired up with this.—-isn’t that right guys!?」

He turned and cried out.
They immediately replied.

「Show me you can protect one or two women!」
「If we can’t do that then we can’t even get close to the Big Boss!」

Their voices became more passionate and they seemed more reliable.

「and so that’s how it is…just go ahead highness without any worries.」
「……thank you. I’m grateful for your understanding.」

Dianeia kept this gratitude in her heart to be repaid later as she turned forward.

「—–well then let’s go in the dungeon guys! The goal is to defeat the Dungeon Master!」

And so they set off into the dark hole.



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