Chapter 133: Advancing Quickly, Defeating Steadily


Just before noon. After I finished eating my breakfast leisurely, Anne and the other Dragon Kings gathered at my home.

「Ok then, since everyone is here let’s get going. Sakura I’ll count on you to synch with me.」
「Ok, understood Master.」

And so I opened a hole in the garden to send us downwards but…

「Wow, amazing, this is amazing Daichi-san. This dugeon is so nice!」
「This is the first time I’ve seen a dungeon that uses magic stones in place of lights…….that and that…those are all magic stones…..?」

It looks like my basement is popular with the Dragon Kings.
Karen seemed especially happy, her face was red and she was breathing heavily.

「Fu fufuufufu, I’m getting hit by some amazing magic power. If you let your guard down you might get crushed. Furthermore Daichi is behind me with even greater magic pressure….this is the height of excitement…..! Oh my nose started bleeding…」
「I don’t mind you getting excited but don’t collapse.」
「No I’m alright….this much blood is nothing, it’d be a waste for me to collapse after coming to this super powerful dungeon so I definitely won’t!」

She said while emphasizing with her fists…she seemed energetic so I suppose I didn’t need to worry.

「Ok then. Sakura, Hesty? Do you sense the Dungeon Master?」
「Umm, there is no reaction within my area of control. What about you Hesty-chan?」
「Me too. However, I can feel a pulse in a certain direction so I feel it might be being born over there.」

Hesty said as she pointed towards the town.

「Ok then, let’s get walking and if we hit a wall we’ll open up a hole in it. —Golem—.」

I created two golems from an apple.
Then I equipped them with magic stone pestles excavated from the dungeon.

「I will guide, us.」
「Me too!」

Hesty said as Anne hugged her…then the golems took the lead as we continued forward.
We’d been walking for a while and were now under the boundary of the magic forest.
The dungeon was larger than we thought and had many diverging paths, but with Hesty’s guidance we didn’t loose our way.
I had created a wood armor for myself which only exposed my face so I wasn’t tired from the journey. It was an extremely easy method of travel.

「…….but still Hesty is amazing. You can sense a pulse like this from so far away.」
「n, Dungeon Masters take in a lot of magic power, so the magic movements are a characteristic. Once they finish taking in power, they create a ton of subordinates…….and your chest is getting in the way of my speaking…! Get away!」

Hesty said escaping from Anne.
She must have hated having her heavy chest rest on her head all this time.

「Aaahn Aneue-sama….! Just a bit more!」
「No, more. I let you do so, yesterday, so that’s enough for today.」

Anne gave up dejectedly and began to walk next to Hesty.
She’s an obedient child isn’t she, I thought as I looked at Anne when Karen walked closer to me and pulled at my sleeve.

「D-Daichi. I’d like to do that kind of stuff with you too…can I?」
「I’m glad you asked beforehand…but no.」

I’m glad she’s just as obedient.
If we entangled ourselves like that I’m not sure what would happen….

「Ah, there.」

Hesty pointed forward.
In front of us was a 1 meter tall small Dungeon Master.
There seems to be some holes bored in the wall….was it digging its way towards the town?

Well it doesn’t really matter at this point.


The Dungeon Master looked at us and seemed to decide we were enemies and readied itself.
Flames gathered in its hands…at that moment

「Golem do it.」

The Golem ran forward swung its fist and smashed the Dungeon Master.
All that was left was a black magic stone.

「Daichi-sama’s golems a-are a-as powerful as always…in fact the power went up. Though it was small, you still got it in one hit.」
「Well, it was small after all.」

It was less than half the size of the other one so it ended easily.

「Anyways, is that it?」

I asked Hesty and she shook her head.

「Judging by the reactions there are more small, ones, scattered around.」
「Ugh really? What a pain.」

It’s going to be troublesome going around and finding them all.
Even under normal circumstances there were many different branching paths.
It’d be really hard to find wherever they were accurately.

「n~, but if we’re this close, it’s fine. Right Anne, Karen, Ramiyuros?」

Hesty looked over at the other Dragon Kings.
Then the three of them nodded as they smiled wryly.

「Well we can sense them too now that we’re this close.」
「That’s right. Daichi-san can divide up some of the labor.」
「Indeed, with this magic power it’s like an arrow pointing them out. You can find them easily.」

From what they’re saying each of them has the sensing ability to move separately.
These Dragon Kings are pretty amazing.

「How reliable.」
「No, well…we have to do, this much at least. We can’t, leave everything to you…we need to try hard too.」

Hesty said as she gripped her two hands.

「Un, thank you. Then let’s split up and head out.」

And so we continued on our dungeon exploration.



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