Chapter 134: Way to Close a Dungeon


Dianeia’s firepower burned the Dungeon Master to nothing.

All that was left was a black magic stone rolling around on the floor.
When Dianeia saw it…she finally understood the reality of what she’d done.

「It was impossible for me before….but I defeated it.」

Her goal was Daichi who was far ahead of her in strength, so despite her efforts to become stronger she hadn’t known if she had improved or not.
She clenched her fist at the realization that she had grown when…

「A-amazing, amazing Onee-sama!」
「Hyahha~! That firepower ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at highness!」

Athena and the shining heads cheered and clapped from behind her.

「Haha, thank you everyone……but there’s still work left to be done, so let’s continue without letting our guards down.」

They were all feeling elated with the defeat of the Dungeon Master, but Dianeia focused herself and moved forward when…


A sound came from the wall in front of them.


The sturdy wall interlaced with magic stones suddenly broke. Then a large black shadow appeared.


It was an even larger Dungeon Master. The one before was a medium…but this was a large.
There was a clear difference.

「…….prepare for combat!」

Dianeia yelled as she instantly took her stance.
The shining heads entered their defensive positions.

「Hyahha~ no matter what type of monster it is….it seems to come every five minutes in this dungeon!」
「Leader, I’ll prepare for retreat just in case!」
「Hyahha~ I’ll leave it to you. Highness you think you can fire another one of those magics?」

Ash asked Dianeia and she nodded.

「Prominence Dual Charge」 could be fired three times with ease….but…

「Ahh, but……one shot doesn’t look like it’ll do it.」

The previous dungeon master had held on for several seconds.
With an even larger one with more servant demons the effect would be worse.
Honestly, she was feeling some fear.

「But it’s not an enemy that can’t be beaten…….!」

Athena was looking at her. Safety was first, but even so that didn’t mean she could show a pathetic fight.

……….she had to guarantee them their escape.

If she mustered her full strength she should be able to fight on even grounds with it.
She steeled herself.

「Shining Heads…if things go bad, retreat immediately. I will teleport away as well.」
「Hyahha~ Roger」
「Do you remember our promise Athena?」
「Y-yes! If it gets dangerous teleport away! I remember!」

Our retreat is secure, then there’s no need to wait.

「Ok then…….let’s go!」

Dianeia said as she strengthened her resolve and stepped forward when…..


The wall behind the Dungeon Master exploded.
A frightful sound echoed through the caves and a huge hole opened.

The shock sent a gust of wind throughout the cave and sent up a cloud of dust.

……at this time another appeared!?

Dianeia thought and looked at the hole.
The thing that came out was….

「A fist….?」

A giant fist made of wood.


It grabbed the Dungeon Master’s neck.
Then it seemed to wrap around it’s neck like a collar holding it there.


It continued to grow until it wrapped around the entire body of the Dungeon Master. No matter how it struggled it couldn’t get free.

「Hya Hyahha~ Wh-what is it……」
「I-I don’t know…」

They looked at the Dungeon Master dumbfounded when…

「Nice, the fifth one」

They heard a voice from inside the cloud of dust.
They new they’d heard that voice before…

「I thought I heard something, but they were really here. For them to gather here is——Dianeia? Shining Heads too? You guys are all here?」

Daichi appeared inside his wood armor with three other captured Dungeon Masters in tow.
When I met with Dianeia having captured the Dungeon Masters, Sakura spoke up from within my armor.

「Ah, it seems the other Dragon Kings are mostly finished Master. The magic activity is decreasing.」
「Oh is that so? Let’s finish this up while we wait for them.」

We hadn’t been scattered all that far so they should be back soon I thought when…


A Dungeon Master began creating flames.

「Oops, no no no.」

It seems the restraints weren’t enough for this one.
It attacked while going wild.

「Hmm Hesty gave me the best method to take care of them…so I should give it a shot.」

I once again bound up the Dungeon Master and…

「——Upsy daisy!」

Lightly lifted it, then slammed it into the ground. With that…


The Dungeon Master’s body collapsed leaving behind a magic stone. This was the way to defeat them effortlessly.

It felt like what you do with fish….but it’s good I was able to do it properly.

「Ohh, Hesty-chan said it like it might be difficult but you were able to do it splendidly Master!」
「Let’s not forget this feeling and move on to the next!」

And so we defeated the remaining Dungeon Masters one after another as we waited.



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