Chapter 136: Trophy Distribution and Outdoors


When we returned to the garden I spread out a sheet and placed the lunchbox on it.
It was ready to be eaten anytime but we were waiting for Sakura to heat up some tea and we took out the things we’d gotten from the dungeon exploration.

「Umm, these are the one’s Hesty and I got, and this is the one Karen got…」

The magic stone of the prey that we had stolen from Dianeia was given to her, but everything else was brought here.
So in the end we had eight black magic stones.

「Quite a good harvest. With this many we can make, lots of things.」
「That’s right. Magic items, weapons, armor…if we process them correctly we can make many good things!」

The craftsmen Hesty and Anne were looking at them excitedly.
I guess these large magic stones were just that attractive to them.

「Well then I guess you can take a few.」

I said and Anne looked at me, eyes huge.

「…….Eh? U-ummm Daichi-sama? Take…f-for free?」
「Eh? Is that no good?」

I didn’t really know exactly what I could use these for.
At best I would use them for golems or bury them in the ground to enrich the magic in the area…I was just thinking that it’d be good to give them to the people who could use them best.

「N-no, for such wonderful magic stones….taking them for free would be inexcusable! I-I’ll properly pay for them!」
「Hm? This time you were part of the effort to obtain these so there’s no need to pay for them, just take your share.」
「U,uuu…… I’ll do as you ask and take one…….」

Anne timidly accepted a single magic stone.
There was no need for her to be so timid.
It was her own spoils of war.

「What about you guys?」
「I don’t think I need any~. I don’t have anything I need to make~. I won’t need anything other than a good soak in your onsen~」
「Me as well. I don’t have anything I need to make. My spoils for today is the time I got to spend with Daichi!」

So Ramiyuros and Karen don’t need any.

「Then Hesty——」
「——I’ll take the same amount I earned, 2 of them is, enough.」

She said and took two without reaching for the others.
Five of them were left over…so what should I do with them?

「In the end I can’t really think of anything except burying them…」
「I think, that would be fine. With the increase in your, dungeon’s magic it will, improve the environment.」
「Is that so? Then I guess I’ll do that.」

But as I was gathering them up I realized something.

「……..huh? there’s a kind of blue one mixed in, what is this?」
「n? where?」
「Here, the one in the middle.」

Among the Dungeon Master cores there was one ultramarine colored one.
Thanks to the dim light in the dungeon it looked black, but out here it became easier to see.

「This is the first one I took out right?」
「Probably. The size and shape, match.」
「Why does it look like this……?」

I said tilting my head. Hesty did the same and began to mutter.

「n~, probably, it took in a lot of water and water magic, it might be a water type, dungeon master.」
「Huh, so by taking in a lot of such things the magic stone’s color can change?」
「n, there are things like that, so I think this is the case. It should be proof that the, surrounding earth has high, water content.」

Is that so?
Well, since this garden has a lot of plants and trees it’s good for the ground to be well irrigated…but,

「If I bury this will the magic and water circulate better?」
「That is, probable.」
「I see. Then I’ll give this one preferential placement.」

It’d be good if burying this one helped the growth of things in my garden.
I started to go and bury it when…

「Master~ Everyone~. The tea is ready, let’s have lunch~」

Sakura called out to us with a pot of tea hung on her arm.

「Ok then, the division of the spoils is over so let’s eat.」
「n, let’s go.」

And so our adventure time ended and our lunch time started.
Though we hadn’t walked too much, it was still proper exercise and we had worked up a bit of a sweat…that made the lunch even more delicious.

It seemed even more delicious than usual.
Eating outdoors is good every now and then.



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