Chapter 137.5: —Side Hesty, Dianeia, Ramiyuros— Approach and New Information


Dianeia was sitting at the tea table in her office.

「Hesty-dono, Ramiyuros-dono…sorry for calling you so late at night.」

She was sharing the table with two Dragon Kings.

「Don’t worry about it, we ourselves said we’d come.」
「That’s right~ I wanna pay back the humans for the problems I’ve caused too~」

They said while relaxing and eating the snacks she had prepared.

「It really helps that you are willing to share information with me.」

From evening till night they had given her information on the dungeon interiors, exploration, and Dungeon Masters’ behaviors.
Thanks to that the town’s defenses had become firmer.

「Though it may be small scale, the dungeon can, become a hotbed for monster, breeding. I’m glad we’re aware, of it before it was a problem.」

Hesty explained her information in easy to understand statements. It made it easier to finish the work that needed doing.

「n, maa, even so there’s no need to say it now. The Dungeon Masters have been mostly defeated.」
「Ah-ahaha, it was pretty incredible…Daichi-dono’s dungeon master hunting.」
「That was……yeah, at a level, that I’ve never seen, before. The magic reaction became so little that, I was surprised.」

Dianeia had had her hands full with her own battles so she had no room to observe, but

………now that she was here she did.

A desire to see how these Dragon Kings fought them. However, right now she was in the middle of work so she sealed that thought.

「So was there anything else of note?」
「For me, there was nothing. How about, you Ramiyuros? Do you have something to, talk about? Maybe about the Dragon King Council?」
「Ah, un, there’s a bit more to talk about Hesty, Dianeia-san~」

Ramiyuros nodded and said without hesitation.

「I forgot to bring it up during the Council…but the Dragon King of the Lake may be coming here~」

Dianeia doubted her ears.


She wondered what this Dragon King had just said.

「Umm, a new Dragon King is coming? To this town?」
「That’s right~ The one that lives in the lake shrine near the Fort City…that girl seems to be coming here.」

She easily affirmed. It seems that this Dragon King’s arrival was definite.
Hesty heard that and turned to Ramiyuros with eyes squinted.

「…..why, didn’t you say so, earlier?」
「I wanted to say it during Council, but Hesty wasn’t there and I couldn’t grasp the right timing to say it~ I thought it’d be fine if I brought it up later.」
「….I know that, my administration of the councils, help you to bring up your information, but Anne didn’t help out?」

Wishing that she had told her beforehand, Hesty dropped her shoulders despondently.

「Well a bit ago…when I entered the onsen I got a telepathy that reminded me. She said {I can feel people with a lot of magic power gathering over there so I’ll be there within a week}」
「I’ve told you, over and over, that you need to say things, like that faster!」

A vein on Hesty’s forehead looked fit to burst as she pinched Ramiyuros’ arm in her grasp.

「I’m sorry~! Don’t get mad! Don’t pinch me Hesty!」
「Ok ok, please calm down you two.」

Dianeia said and Hesty took a deep breath trying to calm herself.
Then she spoke.

「That girl, is coming here huh?」
「That’s right she is~」
「With how you’re talking, does this Dragon King have special circumstances?」

They don’t seem to happy, they weren’t saying these things in a very good tone.

「You could, say that. Unlike us, she causes quite, a few troubles. Dianeia-san needs to be careful.」
「That girl is strange…more accurately her sense of values is different~ Once she got a bit angry and destroyed a town’s castle~」
「Ah, that did, happen.」

Hesty nodded in agreement.
That’s not just a little trouble.

「But, though she is a bit off, she is upright, in her own way. We will speak to her, so that she doesn’t cause trouble.」
「I-is that so? I’d be grateful but…I’d like to hear a bit more about her.」

She didn’t know what kind of storm was coming to the town but she wanted to prepare herself.

「n, well, we haven’t met for many years, but if you’d like past information, I can provide it.」
「Me too me too. Though I don’t have much info~」
「Thank you Hesty-dono, Ramiyuros-dono.」

And so the late night information exchange continued.



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