Chapter 137: Gratitude and Waiting


After eating Anne left to begin processing the magic stones and Karen left to train Athena.

The only ones left were Ramiyuros and Hesty.
Ramiyuros started pulling at her clothes as she walked to the onsen.

「Daichi-san Daichi-san, can I leave my clothes over there~」
「Yeah it’s fine.」
「Ok~ Yay~ Bath~~~」

Ramiyuros threw her clothes onto the dressing room wall and hopped into the washing area.
She must’ve gotten dirty after the exploration, she must be feeling refreshed.

「…….ah I just remembered…Dianeia wanted to talk to the Dragon Kings. What’s going on with that? Are you going too Hesty?」

I could understand Karen who had to go with Athena but I was a little interested so I asked Hesty.
Hesty nodded as she sipped her tea.

「Ramiyuros and I, decided to go and talk.」
「Hm? I can understand Hesty going, but why Ramiyuros too?」
「She said that she hadn’t made up for the trouble she caused yet. Also, when she can get, fired up, her analysis abilities are, high.」

Despite her usual nonchalant attitude she seemed to be the type to hold to her word.
She also properly washed herself before entering the bath, so she should have some manners as well.

However her behavior after entering the water was sloppy.

「Well, yeah. It’ll take a while to, get her motivated, and she’s still sloppy about things, but she is one of the longest living, among us. She can do it when she, tries…….though she’s sloppy.」

I see. As I’d expect from childhood friends, they know each other well.

「……oh yeah I don’t know if it’s ok to ask…but I was wondering which one is older, you or her?」

None of them look like their age, so I couldn’t guess. After all, the one who looked youngest, Hesty, was one of the oldest.

I was curious and asked. Hesty didn’t seem particularly offended and answered.

「n~, I forgot the number of years. But there are basically 2 divisions. Me, Ramiyuros, and Karen…and one more who is as old, then Anne and two others who are new.」

Hmm I see. New and Old, I’m sure they’re two different generations.

「n, Ramiyuros and I are the eldest, and the ones with the most knowledge. If we are together, we can engage in information trade…..if Ramiyuros is alone there’s a good chance the conversation won’t, continue well.」
「I see….being able to maintain a conversation is important.」
I feel like if it was Ramiyuros and Dianeia one on one the conversation wouldn’t continue well.

「Even without that, Anne will be pining after me, and Karen may participate but will be more, focused on Athena’s training. Only me and, Ramiyuros will be, competent.」

As expected of Hesty, she has considered what the rest of them would be like.
She spoke so nonchalantly, but she was properly thinking of their circumstances.

…….it kind of makes me want to reward her.

「Aren’t you tired?」
「I’m ok because I’m near, you.」
「What does that do?」

Did this have anything to do with being near me?

「There is strong, magic infusing the area around you, and my body has gotten used to it. So, it is practically breathing it in through, my skin, which recovers my stamina…or that’s how it feels.」
「Huh, is that so?」

I didn’t know that.

「That’s why, you’re a help to me…..though being around Anne has tired me, out mentally.」
「Oh…I guess that’s so.」

In this case she’d need her reward more mentally than she would need physical relaxation.
In that case…

「Ok then, let’s go in the onsen to heal our fatigue.」

At this time the cure all would be getting in the onsen.
It can refresh our bodies and minds.

「…n, I can come in, too?」
「Of course.」

I said and Hesty blushed a bit and smiled.

「n, then I’ll…go in——thank you.」

And so I decided to enjoy my onsen with the two Dragon Kings.



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