Chapter 138: Things Produced from Earth



Sakura, the golems, and I were doing maintenance on the onsen and its surroundings.
Actually I had felt something when I got in the onsen before.

………..the area around and in the onsen was quite easy.

There was a bit I wanted to improve on it.
While I was doing so I wanted to clean it a bit.

However, thanks to the magic power within the onsen having a sterilizing power, the tub itself was quite clean except for a small amount of dirt.
If we clean it all out then it should feel even better.

「Fuu, for now it’s something like this.」
「Good work Master. Here, have some tea.」
「Oh, thank you.」

It feels like it’s been getting warmer in the forest, it’s to the point where you work up a light sweat by doing some exercise.
That made the ice tea even more delicious, I thought as I drank it down.

「……Hm? Master did you place another pipe in the onsen?」
「Hm? I don’t remember doing so…why?」
「Well, it’s just that I see some movement in the water by that rock.」

Sakura said while pointing to the rocks closest to the dressing room.

When I made the bath I made sure that the rocks weren’t placed dangerously, and I don’t remember fiddling with them since.

「OK then, Golem, go pick it up.」

So the golem with a magic stone mallet dug up the rock and the earth there….then…


From the ground a clear stream of water welled up.

「A spring at this kind of place?」
「So it seems.」

It was water with quite a high level of purity…but why did it appear here?
I understand that there is an underground stream, but it’s not like it would randomly tunnel its way straight through solid rock to come out here.

Or so I thought, when Sakura looked at the ground nodding.

「Master, it seems that the magic stone with water magic is generating water beneath the rocks.」
「Oh, the blue thing from before?」

I think I buried about half of that blue magic stone we’d gotten from the Dungeon Master before. So it was doing something with the stones?

「Yes. Furthermore I believe that from that, water is then seeping through.」
「Water from magic stones huh…..can we drink it?」

The strangely produced water was not dirtied by dirt, but instead collected in rocks through which it channeled.
I didn’t really understand this phenomenon, but since the water was clear I felt like I could drink it.

「Let me investigate a bit. Umm…..composition-wise it appears to be normal water. The magic within it seems to have maintained its purity and cleanliness…….it appears close to this house’s (my) water supply from the dragon vein’s underground stream.」
「Oh, so that’s where our house’s water service came from.」

I had used it without much thought since it had worked normally.

「Be that as it may, since it is left from magic stones the magic concentration is a bit thin, however it does not have fungus and is drinkable.」
「I see…we can drink it.」

After Sakura finished her inspection, I lightly put my hand to the water and…

「Oh, it’s cold~」

It was unexpectedly chilly to the touch.
Maybe it’s because it came from underground, but it was quite cold.

I scooped a bit up with my hand and drank…

「……mm, this is quite good in and of itself.」

It felt easier to drink than tap water…like bottled water.
I didn’t really have a huge frame of reference, but at the very least it wasn’t bad.

… the end, since I had this source of water coming out I wanted to use it for something.

With these thoughts in mind I looked towards the nearby onsen.

「With this location……if I just do a bit of work I can give the onsen a water fountain. I could also utilize it to cool drinks I think.」
「Ahh, that sounds great! There are times when you get in the bath and want to drink something cold! It’s quite convenient.」
「That’s right. Then I’ll remodel a bit and make some equipment.」

It seems that around here I won’t just have an onsen, but a source of cold delicious water.
Looks like my onsen will have a natural water server attached to it.



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