Chapter 139: Practical Use of New Equipment


By the time I had finished setting up the new facility using the spring, Hesty had returned.

「I’m home.」
「Oh, good work today.」

Had they really been speaking since yesterday night? I could see fatigue coloring her face.
She also had some sweat on her forehead.

It was supposed to be a simple information exchange, but perhaps it was harder work than I had anticipated.

「n, well, talking was easy enough, but there were various things that heated me up…I had to, squeeze information from, Ramiyuros, I left her in Dianeia’s hands, so it’s fine….after that it isn’t my business.」

For Hesty that last line was quite an uncharacteristic thing to say.

It must have been quite troublesome I thought when Hesty looked around and focused on an area near me.

「Actually, I see you are, making something strange again…….what is this? A magic fountain?」
「No, it’s a simple water fountain………what is a magic fountain?」

I just made it so it would be easier to flow out and gather…does it look like a fountain?

「Well, that water, has the properties of a purification, potion after all…」
「I thought it wasn’t a simple storage of, water. If you pour it, over your body it will help, restore yourself…I thought.」

I see. Sakura said the magic power was thinner than our tap water. I guess it had more than we thought.

「But, that’s a good idea Hesty.」

With this much water coming out it’d be a waste just to leave it as drinking water.
I could increase the equipment and create a small cold bath.

I went with my thoughts and manipulated the trees into creating a wooden bathtub.
It was just a small one so I didn’t need to use the golems and could instead just use my wood armor.

「n, if I helped with a good, idea, I’m glad.」
「Yeah. If you have some time, you can help test it out. I want to test the temperature.」

If it was too cold then it could instead worsen people’s condition so I might have to adjust it.

「Got it…….that’s right, speaking of water, another dragon king could be coming here from, the lake near the Fort City.」
「Huh, another one.」

They really do gather don’t they.
As long as they don’t cause me trouble I don’t mind how many come.

「…..unlike Anne and Karen, she’s not really one to follow people so, I don’t think she’ll cause, trouble, probably.」
「You’re really not being clear huh…」

I said and Hesty looked away scratching her cheek.

「That’s because, I haven’t seen her in a long, time. Dragons aren’t easy to change, personality-wise, but that is only a trend not a rule.」
「Huh, so dragons have a hard time changing their nature.」
「Yeah. But, if events or circumstances need it, they can change, so it isn’t definite.」
「I see. Thank you for telling me Hesty.」
「It’s ok. I don’t know if, she’ll come out, here. It seems that she is going, to town, so I just wanted to let, you know.」

As always Hesty has a lot of info.
Either tomorrow or day after tomorrow…after she heals her fatigue I should have her teach me various things, I thought when…

「—–ah it’s ready.」

The bathtub had been filled up enough. It was enough to do some half body bathing.

I had placed a single wood tube to allow the water to run into the tub, slowly filling it.

「Good, with this the cold bath is finished……Hesty did you want to get in? It’s a good opportunity to wash off your sweat ok?」
「Is that ok? Then, I’ll do as, you say.」

She said, then she went and took off her clothes before coming back with a towel and placing her feet in the water.

「…..n, it feels good, and cold.」

And her face loosened, looking comfy.
It seems like the temperature felt good.

……maybe I should get in once before I eat dinner.

And so we enjoyed the new equipment.



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