Chapter 14: My Connection with Sakura


Thanks to both Wood Armor and Wood Golem, the gardening has been going very well. Even if there is a big rock, it’s a simple matter of combining more materials so that the armor would grow in proportion to the size of the rock. The problem used to be the fact that the shape of the armor was unsightly, however recently, by continuing to shape up the armor using previous memories of the two guardian Deva Kings, it’s looking better and better.

The garden has also been expanded, and to match this both the amount of traps lying around and the number of apple trees have increased in one go. I’ve also become used to creating the traps. Using the magic from my body to distribute it throughout the house is much easier now than before. Everything was coming together and advancing quite well, however…

「Fuu, I’m hungry. Sakura shall we go find something to eat—-eh? Are you alright?」

That day, Sakura’s condition was a little bit strange. Usually she would wake up in the morning, and then be active throughout the day until night time.

「Y-yes…..I’m Al-right」

No matter how I see it, she’s looking really pale.

「What’s wrong? Perhaps, we should go back to the house and rest?」

「No, that would be an inconvenience to Master–」

Whilst still in the middle of talking to me, Sakura’s body suddenly fell towards my direction.

「Oops, Are you really okay?」

「Ah……I’m sorry」

Her being lightheaded is obviously a clear indication that something was wrong.

However, if all I do is ask I have a feeling that she will just reply with “I’m fine”, thus…

「Sakura, as your owner I want to confirm your condition…..Right now, what is happening with your body?」

When I asked her this, Sakura spoke to me in resignation.

「It seems that I have temporarily used up too much magic power」


Recently, I have been continuously building traps, improving my Armor and synchronizing with Sakura. When I synchronize with Sakura, the amount of magical power I need to use drastically gets reduced. However, it seems that the consumption Sakura experiences becomes even larger. Is that the reason why…

「On top of that, being around Master has been so much fun, that I’ve unintentionally over expended my magic, I am paying for my own mistakes desu」

「Can you recover from it?」

「Because there is an infinite supply from the Dragon Veins, as long as I receive that I will be fine. As long as I take a rest for several hours, I’ll be back in no time!」

Although she was acting tough by laughing, I could tell from her sweating face that she was in pain. Moreover, because her physical condition was bad, for some reason I think that the house was also acting a little strange. There was a creaking sound throughout the house.

「I am so sorry. Because I have been weakened, the house has also been weakened….」

She is a spirit of the house. I guess it’s natural that when she was feeling sick, then the house would also weaken.

「……Isn’t there a way to get better faster?」

I’m getting quite worried. I don’t think she can just eat and sleep like me in order to replenish energy quickly…

「There is a method….. But it requires Master to give me replenishment」

Oh. So there was a method?

「If I can help you replenish your strength I don’t particularly mind helping you」

I will help her without reserve. But what am I supposed to do to replenish her strength?

「Ermm….That is. Uhh, in order to replenish magical power, Master has heard of the fact that fulfilling the three big desires is the most effective way, right?」

Ahh, that’s true I’ve heard of that. For me doing things like eating and sleeping will hasten the recovery process.

「And so, that is…For my case it is necessary to fulfil my sexual desire~」


I think I heard wrongly. Sakura can you repeat that again one more time?

「I-I said that, it is sexual, desire desu~…..」

Sakura’s face went bright red, as she repeated her words shyly.

「Umm….Is it not possible to do it by eating, or perhaps by sleeping?」

「I barely need to sleep, and food hardly recovers my magic. I think that Master is so amazing to be able to recover by eating」

Which reminds me… I’ve never actually seen Sakura sleeping. Also, I have barely seen her eat. She always eat such a small amount so I just assumed that she had a small appetite.

「I see….eh? So how have you been recovering your energy so far?」

「Umm….Because I’ve never consumed so much of my magic before, I’ve been comforting myself. But, right now, I don’t think that will be enough」

I’ve never noticed it… All I’ve done is sleep to my heart’s content.

「A-at any rate, once I’ve taken a rest, I think I will be fine…..」

Sakura bows down her head as she says in an apologetic tone.

「Nn………However, if Sakura receives replenishment directly from me, you will be able to recover much faster, right?」

「Y-yes. Much faster than taking a rest, I will be able to efficiently recover the magic」

I see…In that case, it’s decided.

「Alright, Sakura. We are doing it」


「I will fulfill your desires」

「〜Is-is that really okay?!」

Uoh, her voice just got really loud. Is she that surprised?

「I mean…That is, I am just a mere Spirit. Moreover, I might not suit Master’s tastes. And so I thought, would it really be alright….」

「Well at least, I think that it is good」

Sakura looks really cute and her personality is really likeable. If she were to suddenly disappear, I don’t know what I would do without her, I care deeply about her. If Sakura doesn’t refuse me, then I will gladly lend my body to help her.

「That makes me…..Really happy 〜……」



Tears dropped down her face as she smiled.

「I have…Always adored Master from the moment he was born, that’s why… ….this, has been my long-cherished ambition」

Has she been watching over me since that long ago? I am truly thankful.

「Ahh, I also cannot bear to see Sakura being in pain. So if you cry like this, I won’t be able to live in peace. Therefore–」

「〜Yes, together……」

Hence, both Sakura and I united our bodies together.



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