Chapter 140: Increasing Underground Resource


The day after we’d finished the cold bath, Hesty, Sakura, and I went down into the basement dungeon once more.

We had finished our upstairs cleaning, so now we had to do the downstairs. We basically wanted to check the source down there.
While we were at it we could also check whether the issues with the dungeon masters had ended for now, however…

「…..n, there are no more, energy signatures.」
「That’s right. Just as Hesty-chan says, there’s not a single one within the area. Master caught the whole herd in one throw.」

Hesty and Sakura completed that task in an instant, so now all I had to do was the onsen check.
We walked deeper inside to reach the source, but…

「….we’re already there.」
「We’re here huh~」

Though it was quite deep, as I was half-synched with Sakura we were able to find our way easily and reached it quickly.
It had only taken us a few minutes.

Anyways, it’s a good thing.

「………oh, Hesty. Are you ok being this close?」

We had already gotten close to the source, but Hesty had followed us without maintaining any distance. Even though at first she felt the source was too dangerous and didn’t want to approach.

I got worried and asked but Hesty puffed up her chest and said,

「By living on, this land, and going in the, onsen, I have grown a bit. So I can more or less, get close.」
「Oh, well that’s amazing.」
「Well, it’s mostly thanks to you, so thanks.」

Hesty smiled and said while squeezing my hand.
I didn’t do much of anything. However, she’s saying it with such a satisfied face…so I’ll keep my mouth shut. I thought and took a peak at the source’s hollowed out cavity.

As expected the hot water was welling out of it but…

「Doesn’t it seem like it’s increased?」

I feel like it was coming out more forcefully than the last time we were here. The cavity is now overflowing with hot water after all.

「Ara~, that’s right…….the underground water stream may have increased in size.」
「I see…then since we’ve gone this far already, why don’t we take a look at this underground stream.」
「Yes, very well Master.」

And so we began to walk further in to reach the underground stream.
The underground stream ran down the middle of a dome shaped room.
It was similar to when I’d seen it before but,

「The water really has increased.」

The first time I saw it, it was a tiny little stream, but the width of it had expanded. However, it wasn’t like there was an especially large amount of rain recently…

「I wonder what happened?」

I said tilting my head when Hesty murmured.

「The magic concentration, is thick………I think the magic stones, absorbed your surplus, magic, concentrating it into, water, maybe?」
「Yeah, that is very likely. After all we placed a magic stone with power that had turned to water after all.」

Sakura and Hesty nodded and agreed but I didn’t understand.

「Magic becomes water?」
「There are magic stones, like that. If you bury them in the ground, then the, water content will, increase.」

Magic stones have way too many uses.
They don’t stop at being useful for item creation, but can create such a phenomenon?

「Well, there usually won’t be, this large of a change….it’s at a weird level.」
「Could you not call things weird while staring at me like that Hesty?」
「n, sorry. But having water, increase like this isn’t normal…….maybe once the four spirits, were placed in here, this area was improved, as well?」
That’s right, they were down here too.

「With these circumstances, together, this can be explained.」
「I see…..but is it ok for it to increase like this?」

If the soil became loose it would be bad.

「That is alright Master. I am already maintaining the optimal condition. A simple increase in water can be dealt with.」

Sakura said hitting her chest.
In that case I guess I don’t have to worry too much.

「n, plus if the stream splits off, using it in a water shortage in Prussia or the Fort City would be helpful.」
「Yeah, our house can use as much water as we want now!」

Fumu, that’s good.
There’s no need to hold back on using water, I won’t waste it, but being able to use it as I please is good.

「…..Well then, recently I’ve been using the onsen all the time, so once I get back I’ll take a bath in my home.」
「Alright, if you use our home (me) that much, it makes me happy!」

And so it was discovered that our water resources had become plentiful.



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