Chapter 141: Overflowing Idea


The way home from the water vein.
We were walking through the caves and climbing upwards but,

「What is this guy?」

Our way was blocked by one blue, semi-transparent, man-shaped creature.
It was around 2 meters tall and looked quite muscular.

It was edging towards us, as I wondered what it was.

「Well, this is…….a water golem. With a magic stones as its, core, it turns water into a solid.」
「Huh, so you can make a golem from water too.」

I had only ever seen ones made from solid materials like rock, earth, and wood so this was something new.
It also gave a different feeling than a slime.

「n, they have much more magic, than a solid golem. So they are, unexpectedly, dangerous. There are many adventurers who run on, sight.」
「Why is something like that in our basement?」
「The water, resources increased. It’s nature is, much like a wild golem. It desires, magic power, and looks to take it in. It seems to have been, drawn by, you.」

Oh, so that’s why it was approaching.
Its movements were dull, and it was stretching out its hands.

「I think it would be…best to defeat it, but is there a way to do so?」

I asked and Hesty tilted her head groaning n~ seeming troubled.

「I think it would be, best to take out it’s core.」
「I see.」

So as long as I aim for that blue stone in its chest it should be fine?

All I have on me right now to attack is the wood armor…so maybe I should throw one of my wood armor’s arms?
I took one arm off and lifted it into the air.

「Ah, though it is, water, it has high magic, concentration, so it should have high physical toughness——」

I ended up throwing it right before Hesty could finish her sentence.
With my wood armor’s support, the arm strengthened with magic was sent flying like an arrow and struck the water golem head on.

Its body gave off a sound that definitely did not sound like water and…


A banging sound erupted as the arm(arrow) pierced into the core.
Then it exited out the other side of the golem and pierced into the wall taking the core with it. The golem, having lost the support of the core, collapsed.

It seems like it turned back into regular water.

「Still, it seems it’s unexpectedly doable.」
「…..normally, it’d be considered hard.」

I looked away from Hesty.
Un, well, I could definitely tell it had hardness not befitting water. As I thought that,

「Master~ what should we do with the core?」

Sakura had grabbed the wood arm and the core from the wall and came back.

「Oh right. Using this core as a reference do you think I could make other types of golems?」
「Yes. If Master can clearly keep the image in your mind you should be able to.」

I see. Until now I had ideas about what other golems I could make, but now that I’d seen one it had given me the ability to imagine one to some degree.

「Alright, then let’s take it back and see what we can make.」
「Ok, Roger!」

It might be harder than making wood golems, but I think there is value in trying it.

「…….n? Are you increasing your, war potential more?」
「No, less war potential…it’s more like I thought it would be nice to have a water golem in my garden so it can sprinkle water around.」

As the temperature rises there should be more times when we are in need of watering.
If it’s made of water I think it should be able to water things just by walking around.
I was thinking of how useful an automatic watering system would be.

Maybe I should modify some of my golems to have watering cans for hands.

「This is the, first time I’ve seen a person, wanting to use, powerful golems for, this kind of, purpose.」

Honestly, I was thinking of making a sprinkler system, but I didn’t know how to do so properly.
But I’ve become used to making golems so this should be easier.
I’ll give it a try.

「Really, dungeons are just full of ideas.」
「I think, only you would treat, the threat of dungeons, as a place to give you ideas…..」

As I received Hesty’s resigned gaze, I thought that my tasks had increased a bit.
When I get home it’ll be work and experiment time.



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