Chapter 142.5: —Side Prussia— Dragon King Problems


Dianeia was with Ramiyuros in her office.

「Sorry you had to stay here with me all day Ramiyuros-dono.」
「Uh-uh, it’s ok~. I’m the one who waited to long to bring up that the Dragon King of the Lake was coming. Also I can eat delicious food here~」
「Fumu, it’d make the kitchen staff happy to hear that.」

Honestly her consumption was nothing to sneeze at, but the chefs said 「That makes it worth making!」 and got fired up.

Honestly, since Ramiyuros came the knights and ministers had said the food quality has improved. That’s a good thing.

……though it does raise costs…

Well anyways, thanks to Daichi things had improved so there wasn’t a problem. Thanks to the surplus crop the costs had lowered.

At this time that power was so helpful, it was something to be thankful for…

「Princess. You have a guest to see you.」

The Knight Captain called from the door. And,

「Ah, it seems she came.」

Ramiyuros reacted. It seems that the rumored Dragon King had arrived. From what she heard, this Dragon King had a very unique character. She took a deep breath to brace herself and..

「Alright, let her in.」

She said and the door slowly opened.

Then from outside,

「Good evening! This is Prussia’s castle right!?」

A short girl with blue hair energetically greeted as she entered.

Dianeia was surprised but she soon got ahold of herself and stood up.

「That’s right, this is Prussia’s castle. Umm….Water Dragon King Manaril Seiren?」
「Yeah! Go ahead and call me what you like! You’re Dianeia? I heard about you from Ramiyuros! Nice to meet you!」

She said vigorously putting her hand forward for a handshake.

「Y-yeah nice to meet you.」

Dianeia took her hand and felt a cold sensation. Maybe it was because she was the Water Dragon King but her hand was quite damp.

However, though she was soft you could clearly feel strength from her hands. And so,

「Un, for a human you have good hands. They are soft as a woman’s hands should be, but you can feel that you’ve gone through troubles.」

Mana said while holding Dianeia’s hand.

「Ah, haha, thank you Mana-dono. ——-by the way, what is that behind you?」

Dianeia said looking behind her at the small blue orbs that were floating behind Mana.

The small blue balls with wings floated through the air carrying a box.

「Ahh, these children? They are the spirits of the lake and temple. Don’t mind them, they’re just carrying my musical instrument.」

The box had an instrument in it? She wondered why they brought something like that.

「Yeah, that’s right. I use sound and breath to control water, so this thing is needed. Right guys?」

Mana said and the blue spheres flapped their wings like they were clapping.

「I see. Basically this is your armament?」
「Well, I didn’t come to fight though. In fact I came because there was some weirdness in the water and I came to deal with it.」
「Hm? Is that so?」

Dianeia had heard that she came because the other Dragon Kings were here.

「………well, that too. But first on the list is flood control. Recently there has been water filled with magic power flowing into my lake, and I thought there may be some abnormality.」
「I-is that so…」

Something sprung into Dianeia’s mind, but Mana continued talking.

「For that, I’ll be doing a live concert in town, so can we move on to that? I can do it pretty much anywhere ok?」

Dianeia tilted her head confused and Mana did the same in response. Then they both looked at Ramiyuros.

「……..I’m sorry. I…just remembered.」

It seems they had gotten more than they bargained for with this Dragon King.



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