Chapter 142: Same Experiment, Same Use, Same Improvement


「n~, something like this.」

When we returned home I tried my hand at making a water golem.

「You’re as, fast as usual.」
「No well, I wasn’t going for perfection this time.」

This golem was simply made using the magic stone I’d gotten from the basement, it hadn’t been molded very well.
It was a 3 meter tall shape that looked barely human-shaped.

Even so, it allowed me to get the feeling for this.

「I used a suitable magic stone for a core, but it’s unexpectedly doable.」
「Well, though you say it’s ‘suitable’, that’s a first-class stone you know? The ones that come from your, basement are both high in, quality and size.」
「Is that so? Well, I’m grateful that it makes it easier to work with.」

Now that I had the feeling for it, from now on is the real test.

「Alright then, since I can do it with regular water, I want to try to make an onsen golem.」
「Eh? You’re making, that?」
「Yeah, I was thinking it’d be good to make ones from various fluids.」

I think I’ll have opportunities to use them, I thought as I approached the onsen.
Then I dropped a magic stone into the onsen, imagining it as the center of the onsen water in the form of a human….

「——ok, how about this?」

The onsen water stood up in a human shape but…


Just like that it lost it’s shape and collapsed with a splash.

「Oops, is it really no good?」
「It’s not, no good…… looks like the magic stone didn’t have, enough, power.」
「Eh? That matters too?」
「n, of course. The stronger the magic in the, liquid, the more power the core needs. I think if you increase it, to two, magic stones, it will work.」

Fumu fumu, it seems like I need to pay attention to the core from now on. Water golems take a bit more effort.

「eh, wait? The only thing that matters is the amount of magic in the core right?」
「Eh?…..n, that’s right, do you have anything else?」
「Well yeah, I have quite a few things filled with magic. I’ll try them.」

And so ——
「I did it!」
「Mmhm, in just a moment, you did it huh……」

The onsen water golem stood up with its hands raised. In the center of it were three apples floating around.

I had gone into my garden and grabbed apples to toss in, that allowed me to complete my golem.

「Just by looking, my objective is complete…’s basically an apple bath now.」
「Un, it has a really, nice smell.」

With both hands above its head the golem dashed around the onsen spreading a nice apple scent. Thanks to the characteristic of an onsen within it, it should be very helpful when it gets colder. Basically it had become a mobile onsen.

I thought, but Hesty shook her head.

「With the concentration, of magic inside, it just by going in, for a while I would get drunk…….」
「Is it that strong?」
「To me of course. It’s at the level that, just by the golem approaching, wild animals would run away.」

That much huh? That’s a bit of a shame.

「Well, at least I made a second type.」

The golem made with regular water was blue, and the one made from onsen water was whitish. The differences that popped out were interesting, the experiment had worth I thought.

「…….ah, another, dragon is coming from the sky.」
「Eh? Again?」

Just as Hesty said, I looked up and a dragon was swooping from the sky.


It’s eyes were bloodshot without reason. So,

「Water golems, blow it away.」

I ordered. At that moment the water and onsen golems suddenly stretched. Just like that, the water that had turned into whips slammed the dragon right in its face. However, that fluid had been hardened to an incredible degree…


A booming slap echoed out.
And with striking force fitting of the deep sound,


The dragon was flipped end over end as it flew off into the heavens.

「Wonderful. ——in fact they’re really hard, those golems. A level I haven’t seen, before, it sent that dragon flying…..」
「Yeah, I was surprised too.」

I thought they would only be more flexible than the wood golems, but I didn’t realize they would have such power as well.

They took more time to make and more materials, but the water golems seem to be superior to the others.
However, the mass-production capability and general purpose uses of the wood golems were better, so I’ll use them most of the time…

……however, I can have one or two around the garden just in case.

They’ll be able to water it as well.
It seems like my garden will have some new golems.



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