Chapter 143: Unexpected and Expected Things


I had gone to bed early yesterday so I woke up fairly early today. After eating breakfast I headed to the onsen.

「Ok, today we’ll be doing some more experiments. Sakura are the preparations ready?」
「Yes Master. We have plenty of apples harvested this morning.」

Last night it rained, but it turned for the better this morning.
It was fine weather to continue the work I’d started yesterday.

Then walked into the onsen while lost in my thoughts, about to toss the apples in, when I realized something.

「Sui~, Sui~」

The water spirit was floating face up in the onsen.
In fact it had stretched out its hand while floating.

「What is this guy doing?」
「Umm…….I think…it’s enjoying the onsen?」

I see. It was cute…it made me want to pat it.

「It’s…….physical body is in the onsen right?」

I had touched it before and felt that its body seemed to be made of water. However, it was floating in the onsen without seeming like it was diluted or mixed with it.

「Spirits are things of magic after all. It has shape formed from magic, so though it may seem like a liquid it will not mix with the water.」
「Huh, so it’s kind of like how oil won’t mix with water?」
「Yes. It is a spirit with a set human shape, so it should have this much strength.」

Sakura explained.

「So…there are spirits that are not in a human shape?」
「Of course. In fact, the ones that can take human shape are much rarer.」

Though she said it was rare, the only spirits I’ve seen so far have been human in shape.
I hadn’t seen a single one of a different shape or form.

「I suppose so. The spirits that can’t take human shape have enough power to carry some luggage, and can float a bit…….but when they come into contact with Master’s magic….they would all fly away as fast as they can. It’s natural that you haven’t encountered them.」
「So…..I’m being avoided by the spirits….」

That kind of makes me sad.

「I-it’s alright. I’m here aren’t I?」
「Well, I guess you’re right.」

We got off on a bit of a weird tangent. Well, anyways, I found out that there are many types of spirits.

「Also, these children, the four spirits didn’t run away after meeting you Master. They aren’t avoiding you!」
「Y-yeah, thank you.」

I thanked Sakura and looked at the water spirit again. Certainly it didn’t seem like it was going to run or fly away even after I’d gotten this close…when I thought that…


Finally the spirit lifted its head to look at me.
It’s face looked red.

「Umm, it can’t be…….drunk, right?」
「E-even as a spirit, it seems that since it wasn’t used to the onsen it got drunk.」

I’d been a bit careless lately.
I had even forgotten how this onsen could affect things.

「Ah….for now let’s pull it out.」

And so I decided to continue my experiments….after pulling the spirit out.
Early in the morning Dianeia was sitting opposite Mana in her office. Yesterday she had heard from her the various things about her live concert…

『I’ll need to examine the schedules so please wait a bit』

She had said to get some time to think. But now was the time to give her answer.

「And so, you finished the schedule right? How is it?」
「Yeah…that’s right. For now I have it down in the schedule, but it doesn’t look possible for tomorrow or the day after. I’m sorry to say, but you may have to wait for about a week.」
「Well, it was a sudden request, so I’m grateful that you put it in the schedule at all. Plus, for a dragon waiting a few days is nothing.」

Mana nodded in understanding.
It seems she was a surprisingly easy to talk to Dragon King, Dianeia thought as she sighed in relief when Mana opened her mouth once more…

「Until the live I can go around as I please right?」
「Yeah, I don’t really mind.」
「I see, then I heard that Hesty was here too, I’d like to go see her.」

At those words, the sigh of relief Dianeia had been heaving was caught in her throat as her head spun.

「Uhhh……..mmmm, actually she’s not in this town. She is in the neighborhood though.」
「Is that so? It’s been a while since I’ve seen her…..could you tell me where she is?」

Dianeia had anticipated this but, as she thought this might be bad.
If she told her the place, then it may get involved in trouble once more.

No, it was certain, and it was dangerous. So…

「Th-that won’t be necessary. I’ll go bring Hesty here.」
「Eh? No you really don’t have to do th…..」
「No nonono, Please let me do that much at least! Our schedule has caused you problems after all…….J-just please wait a bit here and I’d be grateful!」

Dianeia said and rapidly teleported.

……..For now she could only go to Daichi’s place and inquire after Hesty, that would be best!

Dianeia made her plans as she clenched her fist.



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