Chapter 144: Magic and Dragons Won’t Stop


After finishing the first stage of the water golem crafting, I took the completed golem around the garden.

「I’ll have to set it to patrol along this route and…」

Since from now on it would be acting as a watering can for the garden as well, I would have to clearly set where it goes. For that purpose I was taking it around with me, but…

「Ah, G-good Morning Daichi-dono!」

Dianeia suddenly appeared a short distance away in the forest.

「Good Morning. What brought you here at this hour?」
「Actually I need Hesty-dono for something……….is she here?」
「She is but….」

I glanced back at her cabin. Since the previous evening she had cooped herself up in there saying,

『I got a good, magic stone in that dungeon before, so I’ll attach it to, your wand as a just in case, spare.』

and took my wand with her.
I was thankful, but she hadn’t left her cabin even once since then.

「It looks like she’s focusing pretty hard so I don’t want to disturb her.」
「I see….Do you have any idea of when she might be finished?」
「Nope. How long does making a wand generally take?」
「Ah, normally a craftsman would take one to two months.」

Hesty usually finished in about 2 to three days.
How fast was she working?

「Even for the fastest craftsman it would take a week, but Hesty-dono finished it in three days…….the people with you are all blessed with amazing abilities……….」
「Well, they’re not amazing because they’re with me though…」

It was purely how great Hesty was, it had nothing to do with me.


Hesty opened the door and tottered out.

「Oh, good work Hesty.」
「I’m ok. I still have, some stamina left. I just need to rest, in the onsen, and sleep, and I’ll be fine. The spare is mostly, finished too. I’ll give it to you later, ok?」
「Yeah, thank you……..and Dianeia, Hesty’s come out but she looks quite tired. Do you think that your business will finish quickly?」

I asked and Dianeia took a moment before nodding.

「Y-yeah, it should finish quickly. It’s just an acquaintance of her’s came to visit. Is that alright Hesty-dono?」
「n? what?」
「Honestly, the Dragon King of the Lake arrived at my castle a while ago——」

She said but at that moment…

「Whaaa, wh-what is this place!? There’s so much magic power around here what happened!?」

A girl with blue haired leapt out of a puddle of water on the forest floor.

「Un? What is this girl?」

The puddle was clearly not deep enough to conceal a person.
Where did she even come from I wondered as I look to Hesty and Dianeia but…

「Ma-Manaril-dono? Wh-why are you here?」
「Mana? So you’ve already arrived here.」

It seems the girls new this new person.

「Ah, Hesty and Dianeia too! What are you doing in this amazing place?」

The blue haired girl asked them.

「W-well, there are various circumstances. But why are you here Mana-dono?」
「I wanted to get a look at the surroundings before my live, and followed an underground stream, but I felt an abnormally huge magic power and came up here to see.」

Then this girl…apparently named Manaril, finally looked at me. And,

「Umm, from the feel of the magic…you should be this place’s Master? I’m sorry to intrude like this.」
「No, it’s alright. Umm, who are you?」
「Ah, I should name myself. I am Manaril Seiren. I am the Singing Shrine Maiden of the Shrine Beneath the Lake, and the Dragon King of the Lake. Nice to meet you.」

Manaril said and gave a bow.
I see, so this girl was a Dragon King too.

I wondered why she was here, but at that moment I heard someone running through the forest.

「I-I’m sorry~ Daichi-san~ Dianeia-san~. Mana was too fast and I couldn’t catch her. Just because she’s the Dragon King of the lake…why can she assimilate with water, it’s foul play~」

It was Ramiyuros. She was running over.

…….it looks like today would be another day full of guests.

Three of them had already gathered here.
Since they were all Dragon Kings maybe an impromptu Second Dragon King Council would break out.

Well, whatever.

「Well we can’t just stand around here. I’ve got some chairs so let’s take a seat. Then let me hear what’s going on. Especially Dianeia, you seem to know what’s happening so I’ll have you explain.」
「O-ok, I got it.」

And so my garden became the place for another meeting between the Princess and the Dragon Kings.



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