Chapter 145: They’re Used to it…the Dragon’s Not


I listened to Dianeia and Hesty on a bench in the garden.

「I see. So she came to do a live concert in order to do some flood control?」
「Mm, then she said she wanted to meet Hesty-dono and so I came to facilitate that. However she ended up coming here herself.」
「n, that can’t be helped. Manaril just can’t, sit still.」

Honestly, without an explanation I would’ve been completely lost. Thanks to Hesty and Dianeia’s explanation I was able to understand the situation. I was thinking when,

「Wait, I’m sorry to be bringing this up now…but how can the two of you be so calm……?」

Manaril said turning her shocked gaze on Dianeia and Hesty.

「Hesty is…well she might be the same as always. But Dianeia, how are you able to be so calm in front of a man with such incredible magic powers? Isn’t it strange?」

There were a few seconds of silence after Manaril said that.


Hesty and Dianeia made a sound.
It made me want to speak up too.

「How should I say this……for a Dragon King to react like this…it’s fresh.」

Up until now the Dragon Kings had been expressionless, a pervert, too easygoing, or someone whose life revolves around pitting themselves against strong people. It made it almost unthinkable that she might react like a normal person.

「Umu. With all due respect, it’s because I’ve gotten used to it, but…you’re right. It’s alright Mana-dono. Daichi-dono isn’t……that scary.」

Why did you have to say 「that scary」, but I won’t bring it up right now.

「W-well I do know that Hesty is living here quite peacefully, I understand it logically. But I can just sense that the magic power here is completely unbelievable! It’s like an Origin Spirit or a Living tear in the world you know!?」
「Well, I’m just a person who lives here peacefully.」

I’m not something as important sounding as an Origin spirit or Living tear.

「Th-that’s still stragne. The underground water vein has amazing magic too. So much so that I thought my senses were broken!」

Huh, so this Dragon King can sense the water vein in my basement.

「Mana is the, Dragon King with the best, sensing ability range.」
「Yeah, thanks to that I was in for a shock…..It seems like the reason the water flowing into my lake was becoming so incredible was thanks to you.」

Manaril said and stared at my face.
If I recall correctly, she lived in a lake by the Fort City.

「Did I cause some trouble?」

It was bothering me a bit, so I asked…but she shook her head.

「No it’s nothing to be sorry about, it’s quite welcome. Water from magic stones is like wine comparatively, as it flows down the river into my place it makes the water very delicious and nutritious. Thank you.」
「Well, it’s simply a result of me living my everyday life. No need to give thanks.」

Actually, I hadn’t expected it to be compared to wine.
I wonder if this Dragon King enjoys poetic expressions.

「Well it’s just that a bad little thing saw the delicious wine coming from the stream and ran away from my lake straight to the stream. So I came out to stop it. I need to do the live to achieve my flood control.」
「You came all the way here?」
「That’s right. It’s something that I should do. It came from my home after all.」

I see, this Dragon King seems like a pretty good person.
With Hesty and Manaril as examples…it seems that the small Dragon Kings have a strong sense of responsibility.

「Fue…..? What is it Daichi-san~?」
「No…it’s nothing.」

I looked at Ramiyuros who was lazing about as I thought those things.

「Well, anyways. Once again, Nice to meet you Manaril. It’s good to meet a sociable Dragon King.」

I said and held out my hand for a handshake.

「Ah, un, n-nice to meet you. But you can just call me Mana…」

She timidly grasped my hand and,


Cried out in a small voice.

「n? Did I grip too hard?」
「N-no, it’s…ok. Un, nice to meet, you, Daichi…san.」

Manaril said with a red face as she averted her eyes.

「…..huh, somehow I feel like Mana-dono’s behavior is a bit strange…..?」

Dianeia seemed to be muttering something, I wonder what.
Anyways, now Mana and I had become acquaintances.



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