Chapter 146: Creativity from Experience and Becoming Accustomed


By the time we’d finished discussing matters with Manaril, the sun had almost set.
This brought the meeting to a close, but…

「So Dianeia, I sensed where the water vein is so I think I can do it out in the plains outside of Prussia, but could we construct a concert venue?」

Manaril said before they left.

「Hm? Are you really okay with the plains?」

Will it be alright if she doesn’t do it inside the forest or the Dragon Valley? It’s alright if she does it above the water vein?

「Yeah, that’s fine. After all, Daichi-san is here in the forest. He’s like a magical bulwark for the water vein here after all.」

I’m being treated like a protective wall…but if there won’t be any problems I don’t mind.

「Also I have tentatively done a purification/exorcism, so bad things shouldn’t approach. That should also guarantee some safety.」
「Oh, thank you.」

I don’t know what effect it’d have, but it seems to be preventative.
What a good hard working Dragon King.

「Don’t worry about it. It was easy enough after all…..however the plains and the forest are a different story.」

Those places need her song, so that probably means there’ll be trouble.

「Venue…a venue huh……Mana-dono how large a venue do you need?」
「Let’s see….a place with enough space for a stage and my spirits to play their instruments, also a place for the audience to watch. If there are a lot of people listening it should increase the effectiveness of my magic.」
「I see. A place in the town is possible but….hmm the plains…..」

Dianeia said with a difficult face.

「Is it really that hard?」
「Ah, no, if we take our time it is no problem. However, the stage in town already needs many people to work on it, so it’s a bit difficult…..Mana-dono you wanted the performances to take place with less than a week between them?」
「Yes, thinking of safety I’d like the two concerts to take place with as little time between them as possible.」

In other words, the construction of both of them should take place at the same time.
It sounds like a pain but,

「Mana, do the materials for the stage matter?」
「Hm? The stage…..that’s right, as long as I can sing and dance and it won’t break from the vibrations it can be anything.」

I see. That’s good.

「You did something nice for me with this underground stream here, so I’ll do something in return.」
「Dianeia, take me to the plains and I’ll do the construction.」
Dianeia, Hesty, Manaril, and I were teleported to the plains. I scattered several apples around.

「Ok then, with this…..—Grow and Come together trees—」

And so the apples grew into trees and grew together into one large shape. It was a huge semicircular stage.

Furthermore, the other ones in the surroundings grew into bleacher style seats.

And so it was completed in a few seconds.

「Ok then, finished. How is it?」
「Ah, did you want it larger? I can make it larger but I’ll need more trees to strengthen it.」

I turned my head to ask her, but Manaril immediately shook her head.

「N-nononononono! This is more than enough, but how did you do this? Actually how did you manipulate all those trees at once!?」

How? I just grew the trees…but I can’t explain it well.

「Well anyways…this place is pretty close to my home so I can extend my control area here pretty easily. It’s basically home ground advantage.」
「No, it can’t just be home ground advantage when you do something like this….!」

Manaril said and looked at Hesty.

「——Hesty are you always watching things like this?」
「n, well, I’ve become pretty used to, it. You will too, so don’t worry about, it.」
「I-is that so? Dianeia you—–?」
「Well, umm, I’m surprised too, but I’m more impressed…Daichi-dono’s daily progress is truly something to admire.」

Dianeia said as she looked between me and the stage.

「——Daichi-dono, thank you for showing me this example. I’d like the town’s stage to be like this one.」
「Well, it’s something made by one inexperienced in construction, so only use it as a reference.」

I had thought of a theater stage and made it.
Also I wanted to make it strong enough that even a golem could jump around it.

「Ok, got it.」
「Neither a Dragon King or a Spirit…able to make things like this…..」

And Manaril was looking at me dumbfoundedly.

I feel like she was surprised about something strange.
But this was one problem solved, so it was all alright.



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