Chapter 147: A New Event


Morning of the same day.
After eating the breakfast that Sakura made, I went to the plains.
In fact it was because I had heard more about the live from Hesty and Manaril. I was going out to improve the venue.

「…..I don’t think that you need my advice with how strong it is…」
「Well it’s the first time I’ve made something like this, so I should make sure.」

If there was some kind of defect, I’d be sad if the live went poorly. Those were my thoughts as I turned to begin when…

「Oh, that’s…..Mana huh?」

Manaril was gazing at the stage. She noticed us as soon as we arrived and turned to face us.

「Ah, Daichi-san. Good Morning.」
「Yeah, Mana you’re here too?」
「Yeah, I was taking a walk. What are you doing out here?」
「I just made this yesterday so I came to do some checks and small improvements.」

I said and touched the stage when Manaril made a weird face.

「Huh? Is there something wrong?」
「N-no, there isn’t. I’m happy that you’d spend your time doing this.」
「Don’t worry about it. I just don’t want to see something I made with glaring defects. This is just right, Mana, you can help with the check.」
「Y-yeah, got it.」

So the two Dragon Kings and I began checking the stage. First, Hesty touched the stage, hit it, and got on top of it.

「There, are no problems with the strength, and holding power. The spirits and Manaril can, hop, skip, jump, and dance without it breaking. Ramiyuros could get on it, without trouble.」
「Thanks for the praise.」

However, I feel a bit bad for Ramiyuros.
Hesty was her childhood friend and one of the same generation, so when she talked about her she held nothing back.

Anyways, since I’d gotten Hesty’s stamp of approval so quickly, next was the one who would be using it.

「Mana, is there anything you’d like on this? If there is, tell me now.」

I asked and Manaril started looking around. Then,

「Hmm……if there was something…I’d say a roof in case it rains.」
「Ok, got it.」

I planted several apples to the side of the stage and made them grow tall. Then I made the green leaves and branches extend and intertwine into a canopy above the venue. With that, the roof was finished.

「Y-you made that look easy……….」

Manaril looked at the roof taken aback.

「Well, I didn’t need to sculpt it. If I needed to shape it specially then it would definitely take more time. ——and, is there anything else?」

I asked and Manaril wracked her brains.
Then after a few seconds she murmured…

「…..since we will be having the concert here right after the one in town….I wanted to have some water for the spirits and I to drink…」
「A drink?」
「Yeah…——I was hoping to buy some of the water from your home Daichi-san…can I?」
「My house’s water?」

I don’t really mind, but why is it limited to water from my house?

「Well, Dianeia has her considerations as well. She was thinking to set up some food and water stands around here…but those would only be normal food and drink right? But, when I went to your home I could feel that the water was full of magic power. With that much power it wouldn’t just quench our thirst, but it would also restore our magic.」

Oh, I see. Killing two birds with one stone? In that case…

「Ok then, I’ll bring some. Actually, you really don’t have to buy it, you can just have some.」

After hearing my offer of giving it away, she shook her head.

「No no, the water from there is something that should be payed for. That being the case, I will pay for it properly.」
「Haaaa, I see.」

This Dragon King is stubborn about things like this too.
Once again I will accept what I am offered, it doesn’t feel bad though.

…….once again my stored up coinage will increase…I have to find someplace to use it.

Maybe some kind of store event will have something I want to buy, well that aside…

「Ok then, since you’re paying I’ll bring two types of drinks. Is apple juice alright?」

If I just brought water, I’d feel like I didn’t deserve it, so let me do this much at least.

「Eh? Un, I’d be happy having something sweet, is it ok?」
「Ok, I want to do it so don’t worry and accept.」
「Ah………thank you.」

And so my conversations with the Dragon Kings in the plains continued till the afternoon.



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