Chapter 148: Composite and Golem


By the afternoon I’d returned home.

I’d made the venue according to Manaril’s requests, so I should be fine leaving the equipment to them.

…….all that’s left was my water…

After I talked about it with Manaril, I had an idea.

「If I made a golem out of drinking water it’d be easier wouldn’t it…」

After all, I hadn’t been told how much water to bring and I hadn’t decided on how I would bring it.

I had thought about making a wood cask and having the golems carry the water in that. However, if I needed to make many of them, then space would become an issue at the venue.

「But if it’s a golem then it can move itself.」

It would be able to adapt to the situation. Those were the thoughts I had as I used an apple as the core to create a water golem but…

「Oh, this one gets dirt on it.」

I watched the finished golem walk along the ground and saw that the dirt was slowly mixing with it.
I could clearly see the muddy color inside the pure water.

I hadn’t thought of it before, but it was obvious now. After all, the feet of the golem were still water.

「But you can’t drink it like this…」

This trait that was perfect for watering the garden, was no good for drinking. I murmured and felt pessimistic over the water golem’s prospects.

It couldn’t be helped due to its structure. I just wondered if there was anything I could do…

「Good work Master~. Would you like to take a break with some tea and snacks?」

Sakura said carrying a tray of goodies.

「Yeah, thank you.」
「Here you go. Today I made cold tea.」

She said and poured it. I could hear iced rattling around in the pot.

「Here you go Master.」

I felt the cool sensation of the tea in the cup.
It made me feel comfortable as I drank the cool tea…and a thought popped into my head.

「I see, I just need to store it in a wood golem.」
「Well, I was just thinking of combining a water golem with a wood golem to see what would happen.」

I would make a pot for it, basically.

「Composite? So you’re challenging something new Master.」

I feel like it was a bit of an exaggeration to call it composite.
Even if you called it something new, I was honestly doing what I had been in a slightly different form.

Be that as it may, I’ll give it a try.

「……trees, spread.」

I spread it into a plank and placed it in front of the sink.
Then I placed placed the apple inside the water…

「Water golem, walk here.」

I had the newly made water golem walk onto the wood. Then I once again controlled the tree wood.

「Cover the golem」

I said and the wood enveloped the golem like a shell. Then I had the water golem who had been completely enveloped walk a few steps and…

「Un, the water won’t leak.」

It didn’t leak at all.
It was cleanly covered.
The feet were protected by the wood so it was unsoiled by earth.

So all that’s left is to put a faucet around the fingers…….and」

I succeeded in making the water cleanly flow from its fingers.
For now it seems drinkable.

「Waa, amazing. It’s a walking water bottle!」
「……it looks grim and stern so I feel like I should mold it a bit more.」

It was my maiden work, but I should put a bit more effort into it.」

The inside of the wood golem could be hollow and I could put water inside it. Next I have to think about storage, maintenance, and hygiene.

There were points to improve, but I think I can make things besides for water.

I might be able to make a drinkable apple juice golem or somehow make a golem that would keep the water inside of it cold.

「Alright I’ll try to do some more work. Sakura help me out.」
「Ok, got it Master.」

And so, the composite golem was produced as a prototype drink server.

I have various things to improve, but it’s pretty nice as it is.



  1. I’ve heard of many types of golems for many purposes in my time, but I think I’ve never heard of a someone making a golem to drink directly. Especially not one made out of apple juice.

    • Really? Applejuice Golem was the first that came into my mind, wenn I saw him fueling the water golem with apples.

    • It turned out pretty funny, though. I mostly like how off the wall the author’s idea for golems are. Like in Lazy Dungeon Master, where he turns flat floor panels into golems so they can act as pit traps, but not be detected as traps. And all the floor panels are golems, so the ‘traps’ can change daily so you never know which ones will move on what particular day.

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