Chapter 149.5: —Side Prussia— Steadily Advancing Progress


The Prussia live’s venue was set to be on a main street plaza a short distance away from the castle. A stage was being built there for Manaril to sing and dance on.

They were utilizing Daichi’s design as an example, so it was going quite smoothly. It was approximately 80% complete, all that was left were the finishing touches.

…….they weren’t able to imitate the feat of creating a stage within a few moments.

After thinking about the incredible speed that he had used to create the stage, she smiled wryly.
However, it seems like they would be able to finish it within the week before the live.
It was very good progress. However,

「I didn’t think there would be so many people gathering…」

There was already a large crowd of men and women gathered around the venue. The ratio was about 50/50 men and women.

Those people seemed to all be carrying equipment with Manaril’s face on it.

She confirmed this from the window of her office. She then focused her ears to hear what they were saying.

『…… this is where Manaril-chan’s live is going to be? I’m looking forward to it.』
『That’s right. After hearing the Princess’s schedule I had to get ready for this.』

She heard various things like that that made it clear what they were here for.

「I had no idea of Mana-dono’s popularity…it seems I was ignorant in the ways of the world.」

Dianeia murmured and turned to look at Manaril who was sitting in the room with an apologetic look on her face.

「S-sorry. I had thought that there were more people than usual when I did lives in the Fort City, but I never thought that this many would gather here.」
「Ahh, no, that’s not it. It’s just proof that my information gathering was insufficient, please don’t worry.」

Though she may be a bit removed from the common folk, it wasn’t good that she was ignorant of the existence of this songstress.

…’s just evidence of the stress she’d been under lately.

After she’d gone through some soul-searching, Dianeia looked at Manaril.

「Anyways, sorry to call you over today. I have some things I’d like to talk about, is it ok?」
「Yeah, I don’t mind. All that’s left for me to do is a rehearsal with the spirits.」
「Thank you. ——for now I’d ask you to be careful not to be seen by the crowd too much before the live.」
「…I suppose you’re right. That should help. It could cause some trouble.」

Just as Manaril said, the live preparations would have to be done carefully.
Since there was an event like this, it’d be good if the townspeople could enjoy.

For that purpose, Dianeia had to check on the things bothering her now. She walked to the desk and grabbed some papers.

「By the way Mana-dono…we did find one thing about Katarakta.」
「Eh? Really?」
「Yeah, it seems that when Katarakta is unsealed and starts eating magic to revive, it influences nearby dragons.」

After inquiries and checking the library, there was quite a lot of data.

「A normal dragon with its reasoning intact won’t be affected, but the wild ones without any sense will be influenced and indiscriminately try to gather strong magic.」
「Ahhh, that sounds right. That sounds like Katarakta’s poisonous magical influence.」

With Manaril’s confirmation, it seemed the chances of this data being accurate was very high.

The recent increase in dragon attacks may also be caused by this.
Katarakta’s power and influence were mixed in with the water. There may be wild dragons that drink it and fly out from the forest to the town.

However, in town there was her and Karen who could send them packing.

「Just by looking at this information, I can tell what a malicious existence it is.」
「Yes, if it eats magic and fully escapes from the seal it’ll be serious. Us Dragon Kings would have to all work together to seal it once again.」
「Umu, we need to focus so that doesn’t happen.」

Prussia would be in terrible danger if it did happen.
The entire town’s water supply would be poisoned, falling into an unprecedented crisis.

「Ok then, I’ll be working with the spirits in my room. Maybe you should patrol the town a bit.」
「Umu, got it. Then I’ll head to the venue and check on it.」

And so, Dianeia headed off into the lively town. She had a lot to do, so she started completing them one-by-one.



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