Chapter 149: Manaril’s Popularity


I continued developing and improving the prototype juice server golem. For today I made a ten meter wood golem filled with water and ran it around but…

「Hyahha~ Boss~ you here~? Boss~~~——wha, what are you making!?」
「Oh, it’s you Ash?」

As I was running the golem through the garden, Ash had arrived with a bag. It looks like he was surprised at how lithely the wood golem was moving.

「Hya hyahha, what’s up with this? I-it’s intimidating.」
「Well, I was just improving my golem…..if I put too much water in, then the wood will absorb the water and stretch becoming loose, and the balance will worsen…that’s what I’m trying to figure out.」

Watching it walk along like a stretch armstrong was funny as it it…but it definitely made its movements worse. Furthermore,

「How do you mean intimidating?」
「Hyahha~… should I put it, it’s really big, and I feel like if I let down my guard it’ll push me down to the ground. Though it’s not really the case when it doesn’t move.」
「Fumu……I see.」
「Hayahha~. Uh, but when it doesn’t move it seems peaceful, so it’s alright.」

Ash said that, but if you were feeling pressured or intimidated you wouldn’t really want a drink… I need to think a bit more about its size and looks.

「By the way Ash, what did you come here for?」

It was rare that he’d come all the way in the forest alone like this.

「Ah, umm, you know that the live will take place soon? We have been chosen to be the security for that!」
「Huh, so the one in town is already at the point of getting security for it.」

Manaril had told me that Dianeia was busy, but now I know why.

「——and so I was patrolling around the area close by and thought to come have a drink with ya boss… it’s perfect since the stores are selling special drinks for Manaril-chan’s live…」
「Is that so……and…wait….Manaril{chan}? Ash, you know that girl too?」

He’s talking about her as if they were close, I wonder what this is about. I was thinking this, when Ash looked at me with an even more surprised look.

「Of course! Manaril-chan has fans, not only in the Fort City, but all around the country!」

I had no idea.

「Eh? But…….this live was so popular that the merchants are all in an uproar…did you not know boss!?」
「Well of course not, I haven’t been in town for a while.」

There wasn’t really any way to get news from town, I was pretty much cut off. Now I really had the feeling that I was pretty ignorant.

「Well, for that reason the alcohol stores have started selling specialty goods. It’s this.」

Ash said and took out a bottle with Manaril’s face on it. She had only been in town for a few days…their mercantile spirit must be strong.

「They’re selling these?」
「Hyahha~ well, it tastes good so I was wanting to buy some. ——Boss you should try some too.」
「Well……..alright. I wanted to hear a bit more about Manaril’s matters, I’ll have you tell me while we drink.」
「Okay~——Boss! Look! A dragon up in the sky!」

I was about to sit down when Ash pointed to the sky and said that.
I looked up and saw that there was indeed a dragon up there.
Actually it seemed to be coming down and aiming for us. Except…

「They’ve been coming pretty often. Golem, I’ll leave it to you. Hose it down.」

Following my orders, the golem pointed its finger. From the fingertip it fired a huge amount of water like a laser. Then,


The dragon was no longer approaching my house, it had been sent flying.

「Ok, that should be fine. Let’s drink.」
「Hya hyahha~….Umm Boss, it’s impressive that you can still drink in this situation.」
「You’re the one who brought it.」

Also, I was already sick of the dragons coming to bother us. There were so many that Hesty had started to investigate the cause.

「Be that as it may, the dragon is gone, so tell me about Manaril.」
「Hee hyahha ha, got it Boss.」

And so, as Ash and I drank he taught me general knowledge about the Dragon King of the Lake.



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