Chapter 15: (Plans) to create a Dungeon


—–The very next day, my house grew a floor.

「What happened…..?!」

Ahh, would it be more accurate to say if I told you that my house become two-storeyed tall? On top of my usual 2LDK house which I have lived in until now, a completely new floor just appeared out of thin air. (TL Note: 2LDK stands for 2-bedroom apartment with a Living-room, Dining-room, and Kitchen)

Early in the morning, when I thought that Sakura was touching her stomach, a sudden noise of Gon gon gon! Resounded and the house went up a floor.

「Umm…..Master’s magical power was continuously poured into me so, I think I got pregnant desu」

She was gently patting her stomach as her face blushed red, however, it doesn’t seem to be a child. No matter how you see this, this was like a new level was born.

「I am a spirit of a house, that’s why…My children also become houses」


If she said it like that, I could not really object to it. When you have sex with a house, I guess an additional building appears? This is the first time I learnt of such a thing.

「Receiving magical power from Master, the excess amount seems to become a new building〜」

「Oh, yeah…. Should we check out what it’s like below there?」

「Yes, let’s go together」

Together with Sakura, I descended down the big staircase which did not exist here yesterday and headed towards the first floor. The interior was even more spacious than the floor above. This area was a 3LDK. (3LDK stands for 3 individual rooms along with a Living-room, Dining-room, and Kitchen. It was also already fully furnished with closets and or things like full-length mirrors.

「It’s amazing, Sakura」

「The amazing one is Master, isn’t it? This room (child) is organized based on the magical power that Master has provided. Moreover, I did nothing but receive your holy energy in order to recover」

Is that so? Hmm, however, this extension of the building really surprised me. Or more like, when I returned to the second floor and looked out of my window, I saw another small hut which stood in the garden.

「Ahh, it got separated… I think that is also my child?」

It’s truly amazing isn’t it! This magic recovery business?! It’s good enough to suddenly make a building spring out of thin air.

「Well, the fact that we have increased the size of our living quarters is a good thing」

「Yes, perhaps it will be good if we called somebody over to make it a more lively place」

Oi oi, is she telling me to become a landlord? If there was somebody that I got along with, then maybe I would give them an invite, but right now, there was nobody like that in this world.

「I understand. All shall go according to my Master’s wishes」

However, Sakura continues to speak a little nervously,

「—I pray that master will continue to live in the top floor of the building. Because that is where, my real body exists」

「Ahh, I won’t change that fact, so you don’t have to worry」

The place I was used to living is was… That room. And the place that calm’s me down the most is my 2LDK floor. The futon there, the table and the curtains calms me down a lot. Therefore I have no intention of changing it. That place is my most important territory.

「….I’m…so glad…..」

Sakura breathes a sigh of relief. What, was she really that nervous I would move out from here?

「Yes, I was really worried about the fact that Master would leave me for a more spacious room」

「If I did have such thoughts, what would you do?」

「Then I would work very hard to make my main part even more spacious! So much so that Master would approve of me!」

Sakura talked very passionately as she said this. Unexpectedly she is really unyielding.

「Master is the one with the choice, and I am the one who has to be chosen. That’s why, I will try my hardest to be chosen by you, Master」

「I have no intentions of switching living quarters, so I want you to be relieved, alright?」

In any case, staying on the second floor, allows me a bigger range of vision to look at my garden. I can see even further than my apple field, and besides, it will be even easier to give orders to my Golems. My defensive capacity will increase, and it will be even easier to live in peace from now on. There is absolutely no chance that I will leave this place.

「My Master….!」

Sakura was smiling very happily.

「I believe that with Master’s magic, I will also be able to expand and become more spacious, therefore, whenever you’d like to expand me, please let me know, okay?」

「Yeah, I will do that. However, for the time being, let’s think of a way to use the first floor」


Thus, my house broadened in size by about twice as much.



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